More on the Cosby Clinton Rape Allegation Connection the Media Refuses to Make

This is a follow-up to my previous post.* Others are noticing.

Here is Matt Walsh at The Blaze.

Here is Bob Allen at Political Outcast.

* For those wondering why I didn’t just update my previous post, once a post falls so far down the screen, it doesn’t get looked at much. I really want everyone to read Walsh’s article. Not only does he make the Clinton connection, he also calls out the entertainment industry for their double standard in dropping Cosby like a hot potato but having no problem with Roman Polanski or Bryan Singer. Take a look at it.

14 thoughts on “More on the Cosby Clinton Rape Allegation Connection the Media Refuses to Make

  1. brandon adamson

    While I agree that there is a double standard with Clinton and Cosby, Clinton was only accused of rape by one woman, and she changed her story:.

    “During the 1992 Presidential campaign there were unfounded rumors and stories circulated that Mr. Clinton had made unwelcome sexual advances toward me in the late seventies.”

    Cosby on the other hand has been accused by more than 15 women. If there were a new accusation against Clinton it might revive the story.

    The double standard goes both ways though, with conservatives willing to believe any old accusation against Clinton and reluctant to believe accusations about Cosby, due to his statements in the black community which resonated with them.


  2. weavercht

    Now that one woman has come forward accusing Cosby of drugging her when she was a teen, I doubt Cosby’s virtue.

    Nevertheless, publicly he has been more conservative in his humour as well as his comments to blacks. It is a shame. Perhaps there just aren’t any good black leaders after all.


  3. weavercht

    While some conservatives simply don’t want to feel racist, that’s obviously not my reason for defaulting to defence of Cosby.

    I’d rather blacks had some positive leader. I don’t want them to develop even worse work habits and violence. I live near them.

    The US will be entering an economic recession soon I think; and even if not, it will likely collapse within the next 10 yrs. The US is overdependent on imports, large trade deficit, and has an overlarge spending deficit. That cannot continue.

    However poor our living standard is said to be today, it will become much worse during the correction. Even if it’s only the top 1% or the top .01% that lives excessively, the US as a whole lives well beyond its means today. That must eventually correct.


  4. redphillips Post author

    Brandon, there were at least two outright rape allegations against Clinton, Broaddrick and Willey. Paula Jones was an allegation of unwanted exposure. Plus there were several allegations of sexual assault short of rape and aggressive unwanted sexual advances going all the way back to his Oxford days. I’ll be posting a link with a list soon.

    Also, I did not defend Cosby. I said I was disappointed with all this because I was a fan of his comedy. Cosby is a known Democrat and an Obama supporter. The idea of Cosby as some sort of a conservative has always been a bit of a projection and wishful thinking on the part of conservatives based on his TV persona and his occ. willingness to criticize certain aspects of black culture.

    But I have been very consistent on these matters all along. My position has always been that allegations of this sort have to be evaluated on their merit and not dismissed out of hand because we like somebody, don’t like his accusers, or because there are other more elaborate allegations out there. My primary concern here is the tendency for partisans to dismiss mundane and credible allegations because more elaborate and “conspiratorial” allegations are out there. The Clinton Body Count or the Mena Airport issue could be total hooey, and the rape allegations could still be true. (For the record, I don’t put it past the Clinton people to have offed some people, but I won’t vouch for every name on the count. I also think Mena was a CIA operation that friends of Bill benefited from while Bill looked the other way, but neither is here nor there with regards to the sexual allegations.)

    And to show that I have been consistent, on the pre-crash site I argued at the time that conservatives were being foolish to dismiss the allegations against Nikki Haley out of hand.


  5. brandon adamson


    The Clinton accusations don’t even come close to the Cosby stuff. Kathleen Willey’s “sexual assault” amounted to him “embracing her and forcefully kissing her on the lips.” That’s some x-rated stuff there. Willey was also not credible. So you have the two most serious accusers with major credibility issues..
    Nothing compared to drugging someone and having sex with them while they’re passed out, of which multiple people accused Cosby of. I don’t believe for a minute that Clinton was offing people. He was a horny hick. Nothing more.

    Cosby is much more disturbing because he seemed to have a developed his own creepy system.


  6. redphillips Post author

    Brandon, you are right that Willey did not allege actual rape. My memory was wrong about that. There are problems with her credibility, including her contact with the Clinton folks after the alleged incident apparently hoping to get a job. This is problematic, but not totally implausible. It is possible she felt like she could use the incident to her advantage or at the time viewed it as a know quantity like Clinton being his typical aggressive self. At least one of Cosby’s accusers alleges she was drugged and assaulted more than once, but stuck around apparently because she hoped he would help her career. This is a factor to be considered in judging her credibility, but it is not entirely implausible. And if someone brought it up in defense of Cosby, he would surely be accused of blaming the victim.

    I posted the list of Clinton’s alleged sexual assaults above.


  7. redphillips Post author

    Also, I don’t know that Clinton was ordering hits, but his people could have been taking actions they felt they needed to take and leaving Clinton plausible deniability.


  8. redphillips Post author

    Take a look at the case of Gary Johnson, who was Jennifer Flowers’ neighbor and allegedly had video tape evidence of Clinton coming and going from her apartment. This was when the Flowers thing had just erupted and Bill and Hillary went on 60 Minutes to save his hide in New Hampshire. Clinton admitted to a one time affair. Had there been proof that he was lying, his campaign would have been over. Johnson was severely beaten and left for dead and his video tapes were stolen. What’s the more plausible explanation? He was lying about the video tapes and just happened to be beaten, or that Clinton’s people beat him up to silence him and steal the evidence? Which explanation would Occam’s Razor suggest requires less assumptions?


  9. brandon adamson

    I can’t find anything on any of this stuff that isn’t from an unbiased source.
    Snopes is a left wing site, but they definitely address some of the “body count.”

    Here’s an interesting discussion about the Gary Johnson incident:

    I believe the Gary Johnson incident may have taken place based on the Gennifer Flowers Hannity interview, but still there’s no real proof. I mean where’s the beef?

    The problem with getting Clinton conspiracies any traction, is that people who hate Clinton start believing absolutely everything, and it discredits the stuff that may actually be true. It’s no different than the neocons willing to believe Ahmed Chalabi and all the Iraqi exiles about their wild claims about Saddam’s nuclear program.

    People need to find definitive sources of information if they want to lend this stuff any credibility…like police reports, videotapes, letters, etc. Otherwise these stories will never be believed by anyone but die hard Clinton haters(of which I consider myself one and even I’m not all that persuaded.) It’s at best chain email quality where it’s at now.

    Cosby’s accusers included some pretty famous people, who were willing to go on television to tell the story. Where is Gary Johnson. Is he still alive? Does he still have the tape? Can anyone offer proof that he even exists? If not, then this stuff is going nowhere.


  10. redphillips Post author

    Re. Gary Johnson, you’re doing what I said shouldn’t be done. You can’t rule out a more credible charge because less credible charges exist. It’s part of the context and should be taken into consideration, but it is not definitive. As far as I know the fact that Johnson was Flower’s neighbor, that he was Nichols’ lawyer and that he was beaten up is not denied by anyone. So just knowing that, is it more plausible that he just coincidentally got beaten up or that he was beaten up for a reason? I only had time to read some of the thread, but I wasn’t really impressed. They are doing what anti-conspiracy folks often do. They nit pick details so as to cast doubt on the bigger picture. So he may not have lived next to her for the whole time he was there. So what? All he needs is to have footage that shows multiple comings and goings by BC. Johnson said BC had a key. Flowers said she left the door open for him. Again, big deal. The point is that on a video he would be seen making his way into the room, rather than knocking and waiting.

    The main question I have actually goes the other way. Being Nichols’ lawyer and Flowers’ neighbor seems a bit of a coincidence to me. Perhaps he was Flowers’ neighbor on purpose and the videotape to film Clinton was not so inadvertent after all.


    1. brandon adamson

      I actually see it the opposite. The fact that Johnson was Flower’s neighbor, that he was Nichols’ lawyer and that he was beaten up has not been proven by anyone. It hasn’t even been proven that he actually exists. If he was beat up and left for dead, someone should be able to produce a medical record.

      This poster here does a pretty good job of debunking it based on the timeframe as well as Flowers’ testimony.

      If this is the guy, and he is alive it would be pretty easy to just contact him and see what he has to say about it.


  11. roho

    Good Points Red……………..I’m amazed that both Generation X and Millineals both, think that they have a precise grip on history? (Much of the Reagan Iran Contra stuff is just now surfacing as well as the truths about LBJ having JFK killed?)……………..Little Rock Arkansas was like both Chicago under the Capone era, and Phoenix City Alabama. Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. They are chosen for WORLD IMPACT, not like getting a scholarship from WEST POINT! (Does one not worry about the man crush between Clinton and Bush Sr. ?)………..They worked together for a looooooooooooong time. A study in the death of both Ron Brown and Vince Foster should enlighten any gullible voter that thinks that all Dems and Rinos are enemies?

    I met a pole dancer in Pensacola Florida in the nineties that told me that she was on the run, incognito, because she was scared of the Clintons?…………….She had been a desk clerk at a famous Little Rock Hotel. (She knew things that would get her killed!)…..And may have before the Clinton’s left office?

    The Shadow Government is not concerned with your affiliation with the Dems, GOP, the Chicago Political machine, Houston Political Machine, or wherever?…………They just have a BIGGER plan for you!



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