The Real Problem with Ferguson Is “White Rage”

Yep, you read that right. The real problem exposed by Ferguson is “white rage.” And nope, this is not an Onion article. It is from the Washington Post. No additional commentary is needed. I’ll just let this stand alone as testimony to the mental contortions liberals will put themselves through to blame whitey and absolve blacks.

Update: I didn’t realize it when I first posted this, but this article is from Aug. I found the link on Facebook so thought it was new. My comment still stands, however.

4 thoughts on “The Real Problem with Ferguson Is “White Rage”

  1. roho

    I don’t know who this idiot writer for the WAPO is, but I wish I had a montage of film bites every time Denzel Washington, The Rock, Will Smith, and other black actors played cops shooting the hell out of bad guys?……….Did the negro audience walk out of the theatre in disgust? (Should the cop lock himself in the car and beg for his life?)………Cops don’t have a “Crying in a locked cruiser” training program. They apprehend perps!

    Last time that I checked American Law, standing on the roof of a car, speaking to a crowd, screaming “BURN THIS BITCH DOWN!!!!” was called “INCITING A RIOT”………….Both of Michael Brown’s parents should have been arrested and charged the NEXT morning. If Al Sharpton interfered, he too should have been arrested for “Interfering With Official Police Business”.

    Most of our laws came from English Common Law, and it has always been common sense that you will most likely get killed if you, (A) Jump in a cruiser and try to disarm a cop, (B) Stop and return to the point of attack after trying to disarm an arresting officer……………There are no Facts or Laws in the Feral Black Community…..Only Feelings, Intentions, Emotions, and abstract grey areas……………..Is this our new culture?

    I lived in Birmingham in the sixties, and like it or not, we knew how to disperse a crowd of rioters. Maybe it’s time for this generation to learn the meaning of, “If You Fail To Disperse Within 5 Minutes, We WILL Release The Dogs!” Twenty RIOT DOGS would have put the entire mob back in their homes or the emergency room!

    As for redrawing districts, it’s part of the fiber of politics. (Which is why NYNY School System is the most segregated in the country.)

    Michael Brown committed suicide by stupidity!………Now, go arrest his parents for inciting a riot.



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