Others Asking the Same Question I Asked re. Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton

Once again, yours truly is a thought leader. Remember how I compared the Cosby allegations to the Clinton allegations, see here and here?

Now the Boston Globe has made the same mental connection.

Breitbart.com has this article. (As for me being a thought leader, admittedly the Breitbart article is dated before my second post.)

Yesterday on Facebook, Kevin Gutzman posted a comment making the comparison.

I’m not predicting this, but it’s possible this could go badly for Clinton. At the time, old school feminists defended Clinton because they were at least somewhat pragmatic women who supported his policies and didn’t want the “vast right-wing conspiracy” to win. But today’s Social Justice Warriors are a different breed. They’re righteous and looking for something to be indignant about. I could see the Powers That Be looking past Bill Clinton’s indiscretions being one of those things that might make an angry SJW indignant.

If I were the mischief making kind, I might suggest to some of these SJWs that they are allowing a grave injustice to go unmentioned by not giving the same weight to the allegations against Clinton that they are giving to those against Cosby. Again if I were the mischief making type, I might play up the Clinton as Southern man backed up by an old boy network in a backwards red state angle. How can they let this stand? But I wouldn’t do that, because I’m not the mischief making type. Others however…

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