Hagel is Out as Secretary of Defense

Well, this is interesting. All that rigmarole concerning the nomination of Hagel, and he simply goes out with a whimper. I’m interested in what is behind this. Is he just being scapegoated? I’m interested to hear the scuttlebutt as it comes out. Is it possible that Hagel was not hawkish enough?

Update: Is was curious what Daniel Larison would have to say about this since he followed the Hagel nomination and confirmation closely. Here is his first reaction.

3 thoughts on “Hagel is Out as Secretary of Defense

  1. roho

    Many, many high ranking Officers have been purged in the last 6 years?

    Kind of reminds me of when Hitler stopped listening to his Generals prior to Stalingrad?


  2. mralstoner

    Obama probably blames the recent aggression coming from Russia and China, on America still being too white and male, such is his demented simplistic thinking. Obama’s ideal next secretary would be non-white and female, because Obama thinks that is all it takes for Russia and China to pacify. Unbelievable, but this is the demented anti-colonial thinking of Obama. He still believes he can unclench any fist, no matter who the adversary, simply by extending the hand of friendship.



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