Hey Hawthorne, Read it and Weep!

This is just too sweet. Which states would vote Democrat is only white men could vote?

…there are a few (unsurprising) regions where ankle-grabbing, pillow-biting white males would continue voting for the party that hates them and wants them dispossessed from the country they built. Washington, Oregon, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts: If it’s hypocritical, sanctimonious white male pussies you want as neighbors, these are the places to be!

Even California would go Republican if only white men could vote.

Actually though, Maine is the most baffling of this group. Why isn’t rural Maine more like Minnesota or Wisconsin for example? It’s hard for me to imagine some native of Maine, especially rural Maine, voting Dem. Is it just that Yankee transplants from Massachusetts, Connecticut, etc. on the coast outnumber the native stock?

9 thoughts on “Hey Hawthorne, Read it and Weep!

  1. weavercht

    Maine is especially confusing since it’s had Somalians dumped on it.

    The locals seem to want to move to [white] liberal Canada to escape from “conservative” America. Or they’ll mention another majority-white polity, praising it purportedly for its liberal values.

    Translation: White liberals flee diversity.


  2. hawthornecht

    Southern Maine is Boston North, which explains a Chellie Pingree, but rural Maine is a different beast. The GOP up here has been Globalist Establishment for the last 100 years (Maine provided the last Constitutionalist House Majority Leader in the late 1800s–Thomas Reed.) That led to rural folks leaning towards patriot movements, Ds and Is–check the Perot vote up this way, despite HW vacationing in Maine.

    Further, the GOP, being WASP Establishment, insured the French Canadians associated with the Ds, despite social conservatism. The last cycle saw the rural districts swing GOP.


  3. hawthornecht

    One has to keep in mind that Maine is getting very gray as the youth leave for better pastures–like Big Pharma down South or being a DC lawyer like Roissy. There seems to be an active depopulation program up North, and nobody has a plan to deal with it. Because of the Cold War, there are certain things built into the system, that can be seen in Northern Minnesota or Northern Montana-and just for another example, Northern Idaho votes Democrat–even with all the “Aryan” camps.

    The French Catholics vs Irish Catholics was a major issue up here as little as 20 years ago, maybe less. Made it easy pickings for the globalists, but the times, they are changing. After the South rammed through ‘anti-child labor’ laws, and then the jobs were sent to children overseas, the mill towns have been destroyed. Still, the drug problems seem to be a majority coastal issue.

    The current mayor of Lewiston has a Celtic last name, and he still wins–he simply has to discuss the Somalian issue–and despite efforts, remains a pariah with the State GOP. Anyway, you chaps go learn the full dynamics of your area and report.

    For of course, a man who votes for Lindsey Graham is an oxymoron.


  4. weavercht

    The mills should have been protected with trade barriers. The US isn’t like other polities. The US is *huge*. It has enough economy of scale to where trade barriers would allow it to become mammoth again. Now, there would admittedly be some negatives, as the Lew Rockwell crowd have noted, to the US growing in power again.

    But it’s worth noting that free trade theory applies differently to a tiny polity like Korea that requires trade for resources and is ever at the mercy of its trading partners as a result. Small size offers many positives but many negatives as well.

    South Carolina is complicated. I don’t fully understand the Charleston area let alone the entire state. Charleston, the city, is limited in areas that can be built upon. Real estate prices rival New York City’s as a result. While there are large black areas, the schools are not mixed. All of the whites go to particular schools, which are costly.

    Mount Pleasant is overwhelmingly white, and rich. It’s paradise. And it’s booming; Everyone in SC wants to live there. There are too many doctors, too many lawyers, too many of every skilled profession. You have your pick of everything. For my profession, I actually have job offers there, which is surprising to me.

    Charleston area is mixed between liberal and conservative. You still have the Southern culture, but you have a lot of liberal transplant as well. The constant black-white divide, which drives up cost-of-living and taxes, keeps Southerners more conservative than their Northern kin, despite our having given up agriculture to become Yankees. It’s really that black-white divide plus religion that distinguishes us from the North.

    I’d have to talk to politicians probably to get a better understanding of the state. I learned the most when going around in an old Southern town helping a local white Democrat’s campaign.

    Greenville and Columbia are the two other centres. Columbia is just the capital. Greenville is the centre of industry.

    You have these mysterious pockets of Confederate sympathisers I spot in different areas of the state. I imagine they’re just old farts who aren’t aware the demographics have changed and the flag is now out-of-vogue. But it makes me very happy to see the Southern street names and flags, not only in places like Abbeville but also Greenville. And Charleston is more like Europe. It’s very old. Charleston doesn’t need a flag. Every stone in Charleston is a flag.


  5. weavercht

    The small city I grew up in has a Polish Democrat mayor last I saw.

    The tendency of transplants in SC is to trend left. They’re not Southerners, and they don’t feel accepted.

    However, I grew up with a half-Chech boy, and he hung around all the local kids. He went into the same profession I went into, and he’s doesn’t seem to the hate-the-world sort.

    So, perhaps we do absorb new comers at times while at other times not.


  6. weavercht

    You’re a believer that Anglos trend libertarian. I don’t know how many Anglos remember they’re Anglo or realise that means they should trend libertarian.

    Regardless, what keeps the South leaning free-market is how “socialism” tends to mean giving money to blacks who then don’t work. And they lose their self-esteem, and their lives are destroyed. Make them work, and not only society but they themselves benefit.

    So we pretty much universally hate welfare. And when the unions come down, they drive fancy cars and wear jewelry. So, we widely hate unions.

    Georgia is being colonised by Latinos. South Carolina is not yet much colonised. You do seem them at gas stations, but they’re otherwise out of sight. My personal experience is Latinos are great perverts and pedophiles. Don’t let them near your daughters… Perhaps that’s an irrational concern, but when you hear it happen repeatedly, you drop attempts at “not being racist” and just voice the concern. They’re perverts.

    Blacks tend to cause crime as well. Real estate in the South is based a lot around moving away from blacks. Ironically in Greenville poor whites have been colonising western Greenville. I forget the name of the area, but I can find it. The wannabe-Yankee artsy whites are driving the blacks out, to some degree anyway. I’m sure the blacks hate that, some of them; because that’ll drive prices up. Greenville is attempting some sort of mixed-neighborhood planning to help blacks. I’m sure it would be hilarious to monitor the costs and results of their idealistic planning.


  7. weavercht

    OK. I actually have a comment that will be interesting to you.

    When Roche moved to SC, the manager of the new plant struggled to find qualified workers. You would think South Carolinians could just be trained to do the work, but Roche ended up hiring from all over the country and even from Mexico. I don’t believe this was about keeping wages low. It was a matter of being unable to get locals and the local tech schools to function properly.

    And while some of the skilled professionals in general are locals, many of them are outsiders.

    Dr. Wilson once commented on how Southerners often don’t benefit from the expanding economies, and I think perhaps this is why. Maybe I could blame blacks for the dysfunctional governments/schools; maybe I could blame our anti-intellectual culture.

    Anyway, I’d personally like a less fluid society. If workers move here, they should be of the same stock and should melt in.


  8. roho

    Maine has always been on my bucket list as a state to visit. (Lilly White I might add.) Breathtaking beauty on the net, and a sportsman’s paradise. Like Engels Shipyard in Pascaguila Mississippi, Bath Iron Works has survived as a ship builder through the decades. I would suspect that as Americans, they relate more to French Canadians than the lower states. (I do have some issues with them two brothers that fought at Gettysburg and then founded a University?………………Bastards!)………………….But, I’m on my third pair of the “Maine Hunting Boot”. (I loved running in them during Field Trials!)



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