Disregarded Stars

Jim Webb, a bit of a paleo projection in the 2006 Democrat midterm triumph, has announced he is forming an exploratory committee to run for President.  Webb, from the paleo view, had the identity of a warrior, who was anti-war–something akin to Andrew Bacevich.

Webb is a mixed bag on immigration/visa issues, but generally speaking a patriotic technocrat, rather than a rogue populist politician.  Webb can address the “white male” issue the Democrats have, and will continue to have, making him a potentially potent primary campaigner in the Northeast and West.

Keep an eye on it, Southern Man.

11 thoughts on “Disregarded Stars

  1. redphillips

    You beat me to it. I was going to post about this.

    Webb is a mixed bag from a challenger standpoint. He has the credibility to challenge Hillary on the anti-war issue, but he is going to have problems with the Dem base because of some of the politically incorrect things he has said in the past. I don’t see him forming a Gov. Dean style insurgency, because the Daily Kos types won’t go for him. A lot of paleos held out hope for him as a Senator, but he turned out to be a disappointment because he generally voted as a party line Democrat, I think partially to placate the base that was skeptical of him. Also, why did he only serve one term? Was he afraid he wouldn’t win re-election?

    The ideal challenger would be a prairie populist type who plays to the middle class and doesn’t pander to the PC crowd, but doesn’t have baggage that they can attack. (I say this just acknowledging the reality of the Democrat primary process.)

    But it’s good she will have at least one anti-war challenger.


  2. hawthornecht Post author

    The South has an entire sport based on outrunning Johnny Law on the back roads. I have to question these sorts of rankings. Booze–moonshine, Copperhead Road, Powderfinger, are key parts of the Southern mythos.


  3. redphillips

    I’m going to write more about this later, but what you are seeing in those surveys, and I’m really surprised the article didn’t mention this, is the high number of people in the South who are tee-totallers for religious (denominational) reasons. So there are heavy drinkers in the South, but there is a much higher percentage of people who never drink at all or only drink so rarely it barely counts (New Years Eve only for example). Since this is looking at per capita drinking, the high numbers of tee-totallers brings down the average. Baptists, the largest denomination in the South, in general forbid drinking. It’s a part of a lot of Baptist Church Covenants. While I’m sure a lot of Baptists drink on the sly, you would probably be surprised at how many don’t drink publically for fear of being witnessed by a fellow church member, or Heaven forbid, the pastor.


  4. weavercht

    “The South has an entire sport based on outrunning Johnny Law on the back roads.”

    Yes. I dunno the complete history, but I know of a lot of particular examples.

    Anyway, I just thought that neat.


  5. weavercht

    The “Bootleggers and Baptists” sort of thing is very WASPish though. WASPs are said to hide their sins. And they’re always friendly to your face.

    Anyway, I rather like such a society. There should be a part of town the less admirable activity is relegated to. Or at least they should be closed on Sunday. And I’m including in this additional activities such as prostitution and stripping. In the US, people must go to Las Vegas if they want more; but Las Vegas exists nevertheless. And if they didn’t go there, they’d go somewhere else.

    It’s admirable, I think, that some at least try to live more virtuously, to distance temptation a bit, and to keep up appearances. As we take in more immigration though, the old WASP order is disappearing.

    The Amerindian tribes that ban liquor in present-day fight a constant battle. At a very local level it seems to work for some communities, though with many driving to the nearest liquor store anyway, yes. It does fail, but Amerindians seem to have a genetic predisposition for alcoholism. And I think some whites might too. We didn’t historically exist with this much cheap alcohol about.

    It’s admirable if you view it as a societal and very local structure, not as a few prudes looking down on the rest of society. Puritanism is cursed because they tend to want to apply their ideals on all, and to view themselves as better than others. I don’t think the South is so different in this than the North though, no. Anyway, I like that attempt at living a virtuous life if it’s done without the vanity.


  6. weavercht

    This pot revolution in the US today I’m really fine with. Light drugs like that can be regulated at a state level, imo. I don’t like it, but it’s a small issue relative to so many other major issues.

    Something like heroin though might pose a more serious nation-wide threat. A doctor once told me when I was young that some people become addicted to specific drugs after only a single use. And while the term “addiction” is relative, a person can claim to be emotionally addicted to a comfortable life style; a physical addition sounds horrible.


  7. weavercht

    Didn’t Kirk say something like America is one of the most religious polities ever to arise?

    When it doesn’t go too far, I think that firm religiosity does a lot of good.

    If we could preserve the positive results while deflating the American ego, bringing our feet down to Earth; we might achieve something pleasant.



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