Amnesty and Ferguson, MO

Here’s a conspiracy theory that has been floating around. Some have suggested that Obama is timing his executive amnesty announcement to coincide as nearly as possible with the Ferguson, MO grand jury announcement, which is almost certain to be no indictment, and thus decrease the impact of both with a constituency that largely overlaps (the pro-Wilson and anti-amnesty crowds). (Both have been widely predicted to happen Friday.) Assuming there is rioting as a result of the grand jury decision, which is possible but not a foregone conclusion*, an amnesty announcement would take focus away from that and divide people’s anger.

*Everyone is predicting riots, and they may happen, but everyone predicted riots following the George Zimmerman verdict, and they largely did not happen. I think the prediction of riots and preparation for them makes them less likely.

2 thoughts on “Amnesty and Ferguson, MO

  1. hawthornecht

    Worthwhile post, Red.

    In this case, I’m not going to give the conditioners that much credit. I’ll wager, Obama mentions Bush and Reagan in the context of Amnesty, tougher border security ($$$) and no healthcare. The elite newspapers of record will proclaim Obama, in the tradition of Reagan, a worthy ruler–on the plus side, Comp Imm Reform will be dead and keep in mind CIR would by law, raise immigration levels to unheard of heights. Government will be broken (we can only hope) and tensions will magically walk back over Russia and the Middle East. A weak President is not going to start a war–as predicted the ‘new’ Americans don’t give a lick about such things white “Christian” Zionists care about.

    It’s a real monkey wrench that leaves one wondering if the elites have a grander plan (impeachment? making the Republican Party look emasculated after a victory?)

    Ferguson is more of an accident that can cover up another issue–how bad Amnesty is for the urban/post urban historic American black community.

    I mention this because Rand Paul is the most sophisticated poll user in the Senate, and I’ve mentioned I think he up to something with reaching out to the Black Community–and I don’t mean votes, I mean shattering the fragile Democrat coalition.


  2. redphillips Post author

    You would think that the fact that immigrants are not interested in maintaining an Empire would alarm neocon open borders advocates. Frum and Goldberg seem to get it somewhat, but can’t bring themselves to throw in totally with the grubby nativists. Pro-Israel pro-open borders advocates like Adleson are either Schizophrenic or really clever.



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