Civic Illiteracy: This is Embarrassing

The bad thing about this is that this is Texas Tech, a decent school. It’s not Harvard, but it’s not a local community college either.

We should bring back civic literacy tests for voting, although I’m not sure I would trust whoever designed it.

Original here.

Update: Apparently this video has come under attack. The makers stand by it here.

3 thoughts on “Civic Illiteracy: This is Embarrassing

  1. mjk

    Wow! Pathetic, but given most of the joke “majors” these dolts are “studying” it’s is no wonder they are functional illiterates. How many of them reference psychology as their major? That’s all I need to know. For most of these narcissist it is all about their “feelings” and “emotions”; they are puerile sentimentalist and uninteresting turds. They know only what they are told to know, but more diabolically they emote more than reason and that’s why PC cultural marxism love these vapid vessels..
    Geez, someone should release a third edition of Irving Babbit’s Literature and the American College…and make it required reading…


  2. roho

    Never before seen, try and imagine this same scenario at Miles College, Alabama A&M, or any other traditional black university?…………………………….LOL!

    But quiz the instructors!



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