Bill Cosby Should Hire Hillary. I Hear She is Good at Managing Allegations of Sexual Assault.

I’m really sorry to hear the allegations that are resurfacing re. Bill Cosby. Cosby has some sensible things to say to his own community, and I like his comedy. I have a couple of his comedy tapes and once heard him in concert. But if we are going to be fair in how we handle allegations, then these allegations can’t be dismissed out of hand, just like we said the allegations against Bill Clinton can not be dismissed out of hand. So the question is, why is the media suddenly interested in resurfacing allegations about Bill Cosby and not Bill Clinton? Because a comic made a joke about Cosby? Surely, in the grand scheme of things, the allegations against Clinton are more relevant.

10 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Should Hire Hillary. I Hear She is Good at Managing Allegations of Sexual Assault.

  1. weavercht

    Cosby settled with the women out-of-court, so I dunno what the issue is. What business is it of ours what he does?

    And you’re right: Cosby has made constructive comments about blacks. And his comedy is positive, not so harmful as Robin Williams’s, though Williams did appear to me to be a genius.

    Cosby reminds me of Jackie Chan commenting about Made-in-China products being poor quality… Chan was saying that out of concern for China.


  2. weavercht

    I wasn’t yet born in 1969 haha.

    I suppose I’m not a Cosby expert. When he’s done skits on TV, he’s positive. The TV doesn’t give us many options. Even the “redneck comedians” tend to be degenerates, some of them more than others.

    I’ve seen some of Williams’s old routines that are degenerate. And even later in life, he went with degenerate themes.


  3. weavercht

    In the car I was stuck with the radio, a “bluecollar” country song comes on singing about how he’s “part of the drinking class”. There was little more to the song than that one line…

    It is depressing. Modern Americans really have nothing in life. No wonder so many turn to drugs.

    Alabama was great, and it was blue collar. I guess there were more rednecks around to buy CDs at that time. And there are some other good country singers/bands. They’d do better to play reruns.

    And with comedy, we might be better with reruns. There’s some issue with old films not having been preserved though. Maybe we can get actors to read old comedy skits then.


  4. hawthornecht

    Argh…try being an American. Bismark said God looks out for drunkards and Americans–but he repeated himself.

    That call for an early time of “sitcoms” is nonsense. You want a sitcom–take Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, or the Simpsons. The Boomers, and their parents, were the crazy ones. It’s our sanity that is causing so much trouble.

    This is going around, so I will post it-Cosby, 1969:


  5. weavercht

    That Cosby skit isn’t so corrupting. I get that Spanish fly is an aphrodisiac, but it’s not as bad as Robin Williams. I expected something much worse.

    Anyway, I’m not just interested in personal entertainment. Seinfeld and Simpsons I enjoyed in the past, but I haven’t seen either in many years. Are they really on our side of the Culture War though? LotR is what scares the Left so. LotR is actually one of ours.

    If I let myself watch Netflix, I try to either watch something productive/educational or something as a sort of “research” for some sort of productive culture war list I’ll probably never end up making… I seem to have helped inspire people on the internet to do similar things at least, and I *have* found some very good material. I have some really good books too. So I have a start.

    My idea of a political movement is a Culture War. Genetics aren’t a civilisation. That lack of culture is probably the real problem. Big government is just a symptom. I don’t honestly understand the “cutting the federal government will solve all problems” belief. I listen to it, but I’ll probably never understand its purpose. Culture War produces results in any situation, whether secession is ever possible or not being the two situations really.

    America might define itself as barbarian, but it has been better than it is today. Fighting barbarity is the battle though.

    The Federal Government is a threat, but lower taxes isn’t a movement in itself. It’s supposed to be a means of slowing our destruction so we can get our act together for a real movement. Believing in less government is falling for one’s own propaganda. Less government is good today, but it might not be good tomorrow.


  6. redphillips Post author

    His 80’s and late 70’s (? I can’t remember the time frame of the couple of tapes I have) were pretty family friendly. His bit called “brain damage” is basically an account of Original Sin.


  7. roho

    Cosby was not totally embraced in the South in the mid sixties. Other than Amos & Andy, Cosby would be our first glimpse of a negro in a lead role on television.( I Spy)………Soon afterwards, other comedians such as Red Foxx, Flip Wilson, and others would follow. As for the white interlopers, we were seeing the likes of Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, and others marching arm in arm with the black civil rights marchers. Sidney Pointier in “Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner” was virtually blasphemy. Most of America was arguing over the Vietnam War, while we were fighting Civil Rights and trying to maintain our culture! (Todays Americans discussing culture war is sometimes like looking at football fans showing up at the stadium a day after the game?)

    The whites of the South growing up during the 100 years of Reconstruction 1865-1965 see life differently than any other Americans.

    Cosby was always a Cultural Marxist tool.


  8. roho

    Marlin Brando and Paul Newman showed up in Gadsden Alabama to hand out pamplets on Civil Rights and NOBODY EVEN ACHNOLOGED THEM?

    They were ignored, and even the Southern Media never asked them why they were even here?………..Unlike in Hollywood, they took the next plane home to Hollywood?……………Ha-Ha!……………They were IRELEVANT!……………..Abnormalities on the sidewalk?…….Celebrities unrecognized by the Southern Culture?…….Ignorant leftist that needed to go home, and stay out of Southern Affairs?

    The SIXTIES were a battleground for the future of America, and most Americans have Nooooooooooooo idea how important it was?



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