A Sad Affair – Doug Phillips Excommunicated

We reported on the downfall of Doug Phillips when it initially happened, but I haven’t really been following the situation since. I know that the alleged other woman filed a lawsuit, but I don’t know where that stands.

But I ran across this and figured it was worth passing on. I don’t do this to spread gossip. I find this situation very tragic.. Doug intersected with our circle in more ways than one. As the son of Howard, he had Constitution Party ties. And as a prominent conservative Reformed Christian of a certain sort, he was big in the homeschool arena, the “quiver full” movement, and the patriarchy movement. He also did excellent work on the subject of Christian voting ethics.

I’m not Reformed, so I have my theological differences with Phillips. While I agree that the Bible is very clear about gender roles, I think the “patriarchy” movement injects some man-made rules that are extra-Biblical. But that said, Phillips was obviously more friend than foe.

So now he has been excommunicated from the church he founded and used to pastor. Excommunication is a hard thing to grasp for Protestants because we can always go join another church., although technically the pastor of the new church should inquire with the old church that the proposed new member was in good standing, but this likely doesn’t happen every time. But in a Reformed “covenantal” church like Borne Christian Assembly, its a bigger deal than it would be in a Baptist church for example, where we don’t even use the word excommunicated. We would simply vote to remove someone from the church rolls if they were living in known sin and failed to respond to church discipline as outline in Scripture.

I wonder if Doug is hindered from responding because of the lawsuit. I’ll try to sniff out some details.

I really feel bad for Doug’s mother and siblings and his wife and kids. Please pray for restoration in this sad situation.

1 thought on “A Sad Affair – Doug Phillips Excommunicated

  1. Andrea Johnson

    Excommunication is a bigger term for the person like Doug Phillips,specially when it is the church which he founded.apart from controversies and rumours, it had been very disappointing for his loved ones.



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