6 thoughts on “Must Watch Putin Video

  1. weavercht

    Saint Putin or Putin the Paleo? His critics should take into consideration where Russia was when Putin took over. Russia bans some American tv shows, such as Family Guy, for their being too vulgar. I’ve heard some conservatives say this is an example of his restraining freedoms, but the US has additionally been imposing a vulgar culture on foreign Muslims.

    As Dr. Fleming once said: The Middle East is better off Muslim than atheist.

    It looks like sanctions and low oil prices are crushing Putin, sadly. I doubt a better leader would replace him, and I don’t believe it’s clear Putin has the flaws his critics allege. It’s said he’s an oligarch with an excessive collection of watches, but at least one of them was a political gift from Italy. I expect there’s some justification for at least some of the other watches, and all things considered that isn’t much of a negative for such a powerful world leader.


  2. weavercht

    The article Hawthorne posted criticising Russia said roughly that Russia has never had anything praiseworthy and never will. However, this was written by a “hard-core” libertarian, and if judging Putin, you have to ask what he’s done with the country. Putin has clearly improved Russia, though it remains an economy based on oil and natural gas.

    Russia at least has shown some willingness to defend itself while so much of “free” Europe has been flooded by foreign “immigrants”, including from other parts of Europe, whose numbers are simply overwhelming.

    Living societies don’t attempt to replace their native populations like that.


  3. weavercht

    Ironically there was an article at RT about how Russia could flood itself with immigrants, presumably Europeans, to settle its frontier as America did.

    So, I expect Russia is the same as other countries: full of different factions and ideas…

    From my perspective, Russia would perhaps have lower corruption if it allowed itself to become more nationalist. Nothing in Excess. And I don’t believe the obsession all of Europe has over WWII is healthy. Too many Russians might have died in that conflict for it to drop, but the reaction against WWII Germany tends to take people down the wrong path. Nationalism isn’t supposed to mean hatred of those outside the nation…


  4. roho

    I like Putin on a number of levels. Not only his open endorsement of Christian values, but his absolute commitment to what’s good for the Russian people. Just as the NY Jews demonized the last Zsar of Russia, they now use their control of the MSM to do the same to Putin. America has bought into sooooooooo much propaganda again, that WAR looms on the horizon. Most Americans don’t even understand the military significance of this story?

    “What Frightened The USS Donald Cook so Much In The Black Sea?”

    27 Seamen actually requested to be released from active duty while in shock. (MSM lies don’t work when you just looked death in the face.)………I’m sure that it had no impact on “Lockheed Martin” stockholders and Politicians receiving donations from Lockheed?


  5. weavercht


    Putin does appear to actually care for the average Russian.

    I suppose Hawthorne would remind that the most dangerous leaders are those who use ideology or religion to win a support base in foreign countries. But if we have Faith vs. Atheism, I’m siding with Faith regardless. Atheism is of a certainty to lead to the extinction of a people. Games and political theatre aside, atheism is a real threat in itself.

    And Faith has a tendency to convert its leaders. Hopefully Putin believes some of what he says. In the past I believe it was his wife who was the devout Christian, not Putin. But Putin has seemed to support Russian civilisation, which makes him much superior to most of our leaders.


  6. roho

    I may be wrong, but at 61 years, Putin has seen a lot of systems on a worldwide basis. I think that he truly believes in a Christian Society with a limited Capitalist Economy. (Not an out of control economy ran by greedy globalists with no nationalism other than their loyalty to their profits or Israel.) I think that most EU leaders are tired of the US and NATO telling them who they can and can’t do business with, while hypocritically laying in bed with China? They know the Russians better than a bunch of Psycho US Politicians like John McCain and other War Profiteers. (During the Cold War, Russians were relaxed and understood why the MAD policy actually worked, while the US Government kept American citizens scared, paranoid, and starting to give up more and more liberty.) Colonialism is over. Stealing other nations natural resources is not a quality. I linked the “USS DONALD COOK” link because, we have been busy charging the DOD $200 for a claw hammer, while Russia/China have been building a real military for the tenth of the cost. (Like their 5th Generation Fighter that out performs our pathetic J35 money pit!)………………………I’m not Russian Orthodox, but American Christians would do well to study the roll of the Russian Church in the history of Christiandom, and dump their Cyrus Scofield bibles. (If North America becomes a nuclear wasteland, South America and the other continents will continue to function as they did prior to 1492.)

    The only reason that we are Pro Chinese and Anti Russian is because China is NOT a Christian Nation, which works for Cultural Marxist Wall Street…………Russia still has it’s “Kansas/Nebraska Land Act” to come? Vast, vast, vast acres of undeveloped territory, rich with natural resources galore! In 1970 (My Junior Year in High School), while studying Communism, I asked my Mother after realizing the natural resources of Russia in the “World Book Encyclopedia”, “They have more than anybody! What happens when they abandon communism and develop their resources?”………………………….She didn’t know?………But, ZBig and other Globalists do, and have no intentions of allowing that to happen.

    I was disappointed in the way “Dubya” deceived Russia for “Houston Oil Investor” benefits. Putin was straight up with Bush Jr, but Dubya was a bold faced liar from the beginning.

    We are on the wrong side of History, concerning White Russia.



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