3 thoughts on “Michael Peroutka is da Man

  1. roho

    I compliment the viewing of Michael’s position, but NO, just as Gruber said, “Americans are too stupid to understand politics!”

    These guys are simply reaching for straws if they think that they can change the United States Two Party System by simply claiming it’s flaws?…………Nobody cares!……It’s DEMOCRAT VS REPUBLICAN and embedded in the minds of the ignorant some times voter, and actually annoying if one is trying to figure out why Katy Perry doesn’t like Taylor Swift?

    These guys are like barking tiny dogs while one is trying to do your daily jog.


  2. Joel P.

    I really regret not voting for Peroutka in 2004 when he ran for president on the Constitution Party ticket. Instead my young and dumb 19-year-old self did what every good Limbaugh styled conservative-Republican was supposed to do and pulled the lever for Bush. Ugh. At least by 2008 I had wizened up enough to vote for Baldwin.



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