Let the Clinton Bashing Begin

Hawthorne mentioned this article in the comments below.

It’s the National Enquirer, I know, but the National Enquirer has done some good work in the past on stories that the mainstream media refused to cover. Remember, it was largely the Enquirer that did in John Edwards. Recall that the love child rumor was a wild conspiracy theory … well, until it wasn’t. Imagine if Edwards had been elected. Would we have then had a media scoffing at love childers like they now scoff at birthers? It’s easy to see.

There is really nothing new in this article, although the allegation of Hillary and Bill openly cavorting with others in plain sight of each other is salacious. L D Brown is an old name from the Arkansas Troopers American Spectator days, but as far as I know, no one has seriously questioned the credibility of those reports. The author, David Brock, became a liberal and questioned his journalistic methods and the motives of the people pushing the story, but as far as I know he did not say the troopers were lying. In fact we know they weren’t lying about the “Paula” incident, because “Paula” turned out to be Paula Jones. Also, recall that Brown testified under oath to Ken Starr.

Here is what I don’t get. Knowing what we know as facts about Bill Clinton, why would anyone ever believe his denials about much of anything? There are credibility problems with some of his accusers like Kathleen Willey and perhaps Juanita Broaddrick, but is anyone going to tell me with a straight face that Clinton is more credible than Broaddrick? So on what grounds would anyone reject out of hand Broaddrick’s allegation?

You don’t have to buy into the whole Clinton Body Count idea, for example, to believe a specific sexual assault allegation. Someone alleging sexual assault is not a conspiracy. It is a rather commonplace allegation that is either true, false or somewhere in between. But that is how the anti-conspiracy crowd works. Because there is a Clinton Body Count theory, then any allegation of inappropriate sexual behavior must be false. It’s the same way that allegations that Obama didn’t write his memoir are dismissed out of hand because of the existence of the birther conspiracy, but this is deliberately turning your brain off.

It’s easy to just blame the media for not doing their job, but the public is to blame as well. Many people seem like they would rather be willfully ignorant than be faced with unpleasant truths. Per Wikipedia, during the Juanita Broaddrick scandal, 66% of the public felt the media should stop covering it, and only 29% felt the media should carry on. This is a sad indictment of the American public, and one of the reasons I get a little exercised about this stuff. I just don’t get willful ignorance, and the attitude bugs the tar out of me.

9 thoughts on “Let the Clinton Bashing Begin

  1. hawthornecht

    It’s understandable that people can believe horrible things about the leadership, but prefer such a person over rivals.

    From a deeper perspective, just as one can never stop waving the bloody shirt to Republicans over Iraq, never stop pressing on Waco, Vince Foster, OKC, Cattle Futures, Jackson Stephens/Alltel/NSA…Ron Brown, Luther “Jerry” Parks, LaFarge/Iraqgate, Whitewater/S&Ls…There are young ‘seekers’ just coming up who need to be looking at this material in college/university, doing research and so forth–that is where the story of Mena came from.

    And worth noting, the District Attorney who covered up Mena (and the Boys on the Tracks) and who played a part in “Fast and Furious”, was just elected Governor of Arkansas–a Republican.


  2. redphillips Post author

    Ahh… your laundry list reminds me of the good ol’ days when The American Spectator did investigative journalism and was more than just a place for Jeffrey Lord to post obnoxious interventionist articles.


  3. Kirt Higdon

    I don’t doubt that Bill Clinton is a serial sexual assaulter, but harping on this during the upcoming Hillary campaign just gets her the sympathy vote of other enablers, while her die-hard partisans either won’t believe the allegations or won’t care.


  4. roho

    Bill Clinton’s skirt chasing is nothing!…………MURDER is the issue to expose. The list is long! From the Mena Airport to the death of Vince Foster. (It was Oliver North that fired Bill Clinton when the “Contra Rebel” drug trade for Cocaine Sales Black Opps ended”.) One raped Arkansas Beauty hid out in Italy until the Clintons left the White House with everything that they could steal!……..The “Los Angeles Times” held back their story on Whitewater until the election was over?……The Serbian Bombing Campaign was a ruse to move attention away from the Cum Stained dress of Monica Lewinsky……………This family is the most GANGSTER operating family to EVER enter the White House!……Chelsea isn’t even Bill’s daughter!…….She’s Ron Hubel’s going back to the Rose Law Firm days. (And Hillarie’s investment in cattle futures on the Chicago Stock Exchange is BS!)

    How did Bill balance the budget?………………AUDIT everybody in AMERICA!!!!!!……..Most need to work and will simply pay it.


  5. redphillips Post author

    Yes roho, but if you lead with murder then a lot of people are going to turn you off. But if you could establish a lesser crime, then that might open the flood gates for people to believe even worse. There are some iffy people listed in the Clinton Body Count, so anti-conspiratorialist will point to the iffy ones to attempt to discredit the whole thing.


  6. redphillips Post author

    BTW, that Chelsea is not Bill’s daughter is a highly plausible allegation. She looks like Webb Hubbell, especially before her alleged plastic surgery. (Google it and see.) And Clinton was known to tell the women he was with that he was infertile due to a childhood case of Mumps. Who knows if that is true, but its plausible. Someone with a lot of money who doesn’t like Hillary should hire some private detectives to follow Chelsea and attempt to obtain a DNA sample (law enforcement does this all the time) as well as Hubbell or one of his kids. Then see if the two are related.

    Again, that Hillary stepped out on Bill is not a conspiratorially allegation. It is a rather commonplace occurrence. Anyone who rejects it out of hand is not using their brain. Showing that Chelsea was not Bills daughter wouldn’t make any murder in the Clinton Body Count true, but it would hopefully illustrate to the head in the sand crowd that not every negative allegation against Clinton is automatically untrue just because there is some far out stuff out there.


  7. hawthornecht


    Rumor floating that Jerry Brown might run:

    So back in 1992, Jerry Brown was running as a technocratic libertarian (he was the first to support a flat tax) and he the only one standing against little known Arkansas Gov, Bill Clinton. Sam Smith (longtime Progressive) wrote that Brown was going to lead with Mena/CIA, a story developed by leftist university students in Arkansas, but then Brown got a visit, dropped the whole angle, and faded away until we find him as Governor of California in the year 2014. Bill of course advanced.



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