I’m Really Starting to Like Roger Stone

I used to think of Roger Stone as a bit of a goof – the hair, the body building, the suits, the questionably intentioned dalliances with the Libertarian Party – but I’m really starting to like the guy. He has made himself over into something of an establishment defying critic of the conventional wisdom. As a former insider, he knows where the bodies are buried so to speak. He has written two books recently that finger the establishment in the JFK assassination and the fall of Nixon. The books could be labeled “conspiratorial” but without being far out. Now hopefully he is turning his sites on the Clintons.

Hillary is old and tired. So are her ideas. The American voters have far more to learn about the crimes of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Some of the Clinton’s yet undisclosed crimes are so repugnant that woman voters will recoil. Watch this space.

Perhaps it is a twinge of nostalgia for the Clinton bashing days of the 90’s, but I’m looking forward to Hillary and Bill being back in the center of the political stage because I really want to see them get their comeuppance. I thinks the Clintons are evil people. Not just because they support evil policies, but because they have done evil things and gotten away with it because the media and the establishment covered for them rather than admit that the “vast right-wing conspiracy” was actually right about a lot of things.

The internet was just starting to become a thing when Bill was President. Hopefully, they won’t escape its prying eyes this time around.

4 thoughts on “I’m Really Starting to Like Roger Stone

  1. hawthornecht

    I had to grab some greens at the local grocery store today, and in the check out line: Hillary Had Her Lover, Vince Foster, Killed.

    LD Brown gave the Enquirer a story back in September (Clintons as swingers)–Nicholas had a comment. The whole gang is back!


  2. redphillips Post author

    I’m not sure Foster was murdered. He might have committed suicide. I just think there is a lot of reason to believe he didn’t do so in Ft. Marcy Park.


  3. roho

    LOL!…….He shot himself, folded his arms across his chest. Ate his normal lunch, and was investigated by the Park Service instead of the normal agencies? Like Ron Brown and others, he just became suicidal?…………………….The Clinton Admin is beyond anything NORMAL!

    Only once in America did the proper agency NOT investigate the RON BROWN crash?

    The Clintons make Lincoln look like an ANGEL!



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