Gen X Crashes Veterans Day in DC

Ethan Epstein, over at the Weakly Standard, had his panties in a bunch over the grouping of Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl, and Zac Brown. He can get away with it because of course, Bruce is a Leftie who hates America as all good conservatives agree upon, dontchaknow?

But at 65, or whatever, with a Democrat in office, would Bruce really come up with the idea?
Dave Grohl is a different animal however, and for all anyone knows, the one who suggested they play “Fortunate Son” in Washington DC on Armistice, err—Anyone Ever Who Served in the Military in Any Capacity Day. Grohl was part of the power trio, Nirvana, whose lead singer still haunts a generation. After the death of Kurt Cobain, Grohl formed the quite successful, Foo Fighters. He has been an ambassador for forgotten, if trendsetting acts, like Quiet Riot and Celtic Frost—Frost being a major influence on what would become Black Metal and largely unknown in the United States, accept among Metalheads.  Grohl is gonzo.

Fortunate Son: Springsteen, Grohl, Brown.
Whatever the case, getting a thumbs down from an Epstein over at the Standard, for a song about the reality of poor whites, the draft, and Veitnam, only strengthens the case of the ultimate againstists found in Gen X.

And worth noting, to prove the point about Epstein, Metallica, a thrash Metal outfit out of San Francisco, played one of their anti-war songs, “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” Epstein wants no trouble with such people, clearly.

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