Slate on Why the Republicans Won – Angry White Men of Course

The coalition that is the left in this country hates white men and then is surprised when these same white men vote for the other team. Perhaps, just perhaps, it is because the other team does not believe they are the font of all evil in the world. The Republicans may take them for granted after the election, but at least the Republican Party cares enough to pander to them before it ignores them. The GOP is like a bad boyfriend. The Dems are like a pack of cruel schoolyard bullies.

Slate is such a PC rag and Amanda Marcotte is a PC hack.

Hat Tip: Steve Sailer

* Some commenters at Unz suggest that such obnoxious Blue hackery is simply Slate’s business model. They come up with outrageous titles that are intended as “click bait” to draw the eyes of both the already converted and outraged Reds. Either way, they get paid for eyeballs. Are the commenters correct?

1 thought on “Slate on Why the Republicans Won – Angry White Men of Course

  1. roho

    I pretty much covered this in my previous comment.

    However, liberated women don’t understand that a fact of the human condition is that “One will fight harder to maintain what they have, vs one that fights to gain more.”

    Old White women with white hair votes, when “Baby Mommas” stay home!…….LOL!…….Always have. Always will………..A 65 year old wife of a white senior, stays on top of the politics of her “Goody Getter” more than a “Baby Momma” in the projects, thinking that all politics are racial? “It was not Black vs White on a cold Tuesday, and my check don’t come before the third week of the month anyway?”……….LOL!

    Liberal winches on the MSM tend to forget that “BABY MOMMAS” did not even finish High School, much less move on to Columbia University or the University of Chicago? They were impregnated in the 10th grade and became intitlement recipients with third generation advice.

    As for the fathers?………………………………”Vote?……Shit man!…………I’m trying to score!”




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