Hank Williams Jr. Gloats

Since we like to keep up with pop cultural figures who are more or less on our side, Hank Williams Jr. posted this on Facebook.

Well Now, I see the Democrats got their ASS Handed to them Yesterday. Refer to my Song “Takin Back the Country”

Williams was not happy about getting booted from Monday Night Football for PC reasons. He addresses the issue in more than one song on his last album. This should be a lesson for others. When attacked by the PC goons, don’t apologize unless you have something to really apologize for. Fight back. Don’t take it lying down. Hank Jr. ain’t.

2 thoughts on “Hank Williams Jr. Gloats

  1. roho

    Hell Yea Bosephus!!!…………Fightin always trumps ass kissing!

    But,,,,,,,,,,,,,Allowing entertainers like Al Frankin, Jesse Ventura, Ronald Reagan, and Arnold Swartsinegar into politics out of POPULICE is stupid as well!

    I know the spelling sucks but I had no time to research these dirt bags spelling?

    KIM KARDISHIAN for President!!!!!……………NOT EVEN!,,,,,,,,,,LOL!



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