Catcalling Video – New PC Explanation, Creator Rob Bliss Really is a Racist

The creator of the Hollaback video is Rob Bliss Creative, an ad agency. Poor Rob Bliss is being thrown under the bus. The emerging PC narrative for why the video disproportionately shows blacks and Hispanics is because … you guessed it … the producer really is a racist.

NPR, which is off course neutral and unbiased, informs us that this is not the first time that Bliss has been questioned about his editing habits.

This isn’t the first time Bliss’ work has had some troubling portrayals of brown folks, Rosin writes. When he created a promotional video for Grand Rapids, Mich., Bliss reportedly minimized the city’s sizable minority population.

And Hollaback has this to say on their website:

We regret the unintended racial bias in the editing of the video that over represents men of color. Although we appreciate Rob’s support, we are committed to showing the complete picture. It is our hope and intention that this video will be the start of a series to demonstrate that the type of harassment we’re concerned about is directed toward women of all races and ethnicities and conducted by an equally diverse population of men.

Bump…bump… That’s the sound of the Hollaback bus running over Rob Bliss’s head.

The PC warriors have absolutely no shame.

3 thoughts on “Catcalling Video – New PC Explanation, Creator Rob Bliss Really is a Racist

  1. Joel P.

    Gotta say, I’m always entertained by clashing victimhood narratives. Feminism vs. Racism — who will come out on top? Looks like Racism is still higher up the leftist food chain.

    Too bad for Rob Bliss, but if you sleep with the dogs don’t be surprised when you get fleas.


  2. MJK

    The battle of victimhood is as amusing as it is boring. The cultural marxist zeigeist of today refuses to see reality. As a result, the PC disciplines silence those who declare reality qua reality and do their very best to craft a secondary reality that fits their pathologies.


  3. SoCal Patriot

    I thought you might (?) like the following short video,which is a Star Wars-themed send-up of the catcalling video in question.You’ll likely need to be a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy to appreciate the subtle humor in it,though.



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