Japan’s Central Bank Opens the Spigot

Japan’s economy is in the tank, partially because the Japanese refuse to procreate at replacement rate. So Japan’s Central Bank is opening the flood gates.

See here.

Remember in the 80s and 90s when we were all told that Japan’s economic model was the wave of the future? Ross Perot even went there some. Well, I guess not.

7 thoughts on “Japan’s Central Bank Opens the Spigot

  1. Joel P.

    “First thing that’s going to happen is we’re going to get deflation over here in the U.S.”

    We can only hope. Wouldn’t mind paying a little less at the supermarket.

    But oh yeah, I forgot: deflation = EVIL!


  2. weavercht

    Wouldn’t Japan be a more pleasant society with fewer people?

    There’s a flaw with capitalism when it’s obsessed with growth.

    Japan can’t raise trade protections, so devaluing its currency is the only way for it to boost exports and curtail imports.

    Deflation is bad if people hold money instead of investing it in the economy. But corrections might encourage longer term economic health too.


  3. weavercht

    I fear Japan will be destroyed via mass immigration eventually.

    It seeks outside ties to counter China, but I expect it’s better off forming ties with China. I doubt China cares about Japanese immigration policy… Wall Street won’t be happy until the Japanese are round-eyed and of diverse origin.


  4. redphillips Post author

    Weaver, if you have a system with generous social benefits, esp. for retirees, you have to have at least a stable population size. Capitalism per se can deal with growth or decline. The issue is social programs.


  5. redphillips Post author

    I think an unspoken reason the Elites want increased immigration and to legalize illegals is because SS implodes sooner without it.


  6. weavercht

    OK, point taken.

    Just for stating the obvious though: In the US at least, the immigrants tend to be net dependents on the whole of their lifetimes – according to the Richwine study anyway. I’m aware that you know this.


  7. roho

    Everything always ties to cheap labor. (Nothing creates cheap labor like bombing a culture into cheap labor.)…….Reconstruction for Dixie was the US cheap labor….And then post WWII Japan…..And then Japan moved over and handed cheap labor to South Korea……..(Who farmed part of it out to North Korea.)………Then China came next………Most cheap labor nations go from a mule, wife, and seven kids, to a Cadillac, a wife, a mistress, a boat, motorcycle, new furniture and one kid…………..There lies the rub. One kid can’t support the mostly elderly social population. (Plus Japan has now joined the arms race with a fat military budget.)

    Meanwhile, Switzerland maintains the original US Government for themselves and banks the money.



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