PC Mental Gymnastics re. that Viral Catcalling Video

I had avoided talking about this because it involves a lot of aspects, and I just didn’t have the time to get into them all, but the PC mental gymnastics surrounding this are becoming so absurd that I just can’t let it go.

I’m sure by now most of you have seen the video. If you have been hiding under a rock the last few days, it is a video of an attractive woman walking in NYC and getting harassed by catcallers. (And for those saying she really isn’t that attractive, see my protesting too much comment in the post below.)

First of all, catcalling is crude and ungentlemanly as I said about people commenting on Lena Dunham’s appearance in the post below, and people who consider themselves traditionalist conservatives should refrain from such low brow behavior.

That said, the video was clearly an attempt by feminist to assume the victim role and paint men as villains. And that is how it played for a brief period initially. While I believe such behavior is crude, most of what is shown is not what I would call harassment. The guy who follows her for five minutes is creepy, but most of what is shown is just hopeless attempts by guys who don’t have a shot. While I don’t deny that the intent is sexual (as opposed to the silly feminist canard that it is about power), I don’t think most catcallers actually expect their catcalls to work. It is just something they do as a kind of perfunctory display of masculinity.

But it didn’t take long for people to notice, both manosphere anti-feminists and PC liberals, that the vast majority of the people catcalling her were black or Hispanic, and that she was not walking down Wall Street.

So what is the PC brain supposed to do when it has victims groups at odds with each other? It contorts reasoning and makes things up, of course.

Hanna Rosin of the always reliable PC mouthpiece Slate wrote that the video was problematic because it didn’t show enough white men catcalling. They asked the producer, so to speak, of the video why this was, and he gave a handwaving answer that was transparent BS, but Hanna claimed it was proof that all those bad white men who catcalled got edited out. It is inconceivable that the PC minded types who would be involved with such a video would deliberately create an un-PC finished product, so I have no doubt that the video is an accurate representation of her 10 hr walk, and I highly suspect Hanna Rosin understands this as well. She went with the best cover story she had.

Now Slate has published an additional piece by mental contortionist Dee Lockett that is so absurd it reads like an Onion piece. It is titled “White Men Don’t Catcall. They Harass in Other Ways.” Yeah, it’s that bad. It’s worse even. Lockett admits that in her experience white men actually don’t catcall as much, but her explanation for this is so precious that I can’t do it justice. Here it is reproduced below.

I’d bet this is because, as Bliss gets at in his quote, white men, on average, don’t catcall in the same way that men of color do—and oftentimes, as I’ve learned, they don’t do it at all.

That, of course, is not to say that white men don’t have their own predatory nature—one that is expressed in ways unique to their privilege. As we know from countless court cases, it’s not that white men don’t hassle women (or rich white men, as Joyce Carol Oates implied this week in a tone-deaf tweet), it’s that they do it in a different way.

For all men, harassment of women has more to do with establishing power than it does sexual interest; they do it to control space, both public (the very street you both walk on) and personal (a woman’s self-set boundaries). Men of color catcall vocally and visibly on the sidewalk because they have to—not that there’s ever excuse for harassment. They need the “Sexy!” and “Smile!” to create the illusion of dominance in shared public spaces that social constructs and institutional racism have never afforded them control over.

White men, on the other hand, have no use for that sort of catcalling. They marked their territory centuries ago. So, instead, their sexual harassment is less invasive (“in passing,” as Bliss puts it) and harder to recognize—even when it’s staring you in the face. They do it in bars, at parties, on the frat row at your local college campus, in boardrooms, and other places men of color are never privy to, at least not in positions of power.

See more here…

Yeah, it’s those evil white guys again, exercising their “privilege” and continuing to prop up “institutional racism.” I highly suspect the Lockett doesn’t even believe her own drivel. She is like any ideologue whose mind goes into overdrive when the facts contradict their ideology. She was simply looking for the best way to spin this to uphold her ideological doctrine.

The internet reaction to all this PC consternation over people noticing, has been merciless. My favorite is this Change.org petition demanding that all the suppressed white guy video footage be release to Hanna Rosin so she can edit it in a proper PC manner. This is concern trolling at its very best.

The PC coalition is united by the common thread of hate of white men, especially white Christian conservative men. They don’t know what to do, other than blame white men, when elements of their inherently contradictory coalition have dueling victim claims. We’ll see more of this as our blessed diversity increases.

3 thoughts on “PC Mental Gymnastics re. that Viral Catcalling Video

  1. Kirt Higdon

    This is news that you can’t avoid for trying. I haven’t see the complete video, but I couldn’t dodge snippets as they are shown on every news channel. As usual, the question for the “victim” is “Are you bragging or complaining?” I’d say definitely bragging. She has a nice body, mediocre face and totally obnoxious personality, but she’s worked this “victimization” into a significant TV gig. How long before she has her own show? I’m green with envy. I’ve only been catcalled twice in the last three decades, once by a black chick and once by a hispanic, but at my age, you take your catcalls where you can get them.


  2. roho

    Kirt……….I agree.

    First of all, the feminine mentality would seek a shrink if she walked past a construction site, looking good, and received NO attention. No creature on earth requires/desires attention more than the female human. However, if she is an ugly, feminist, LGBT supporting, man hater, not only does she rarely get cat calls, but actually justifies in her mind that “It’s not because the other woman is more attractive than myself, but because men are PIGS!”………LOL!

    Most women actually “Grade It” and brag amongst themselves. I love the stupid statement that “It’s part of men’s power base”………….Just the opposite. It is part of women’s power base since “Helen Of Troy” and “Cleopatra”. Even “Jezebel” in the Bible…………..One of the feminist writers wrote that she knows it’s Universal because she has lived in Syracuse, New Jersey, NYNY, and London?……Ha-Ha!……..Not the Bible Belt or Ogden Utah?…..Again NYNY does not define America. As for culture differences, Blacks and Hispanics have always had a more open cat calling element than Asians and Caucasions. Anyone that ever worked the financial district of Birmingham in March, or Peachtree Street in Atlanta, knows how much fun it is to watch the women at lunch fight the wind to keep their skirts down. (Yet they wear summer dresses instead of pants suits?)…….Ha-Ha!

    A bit off subject, but 4 things actually changed the female power base, leaving them mad.
    1. DNA testing now confirms the father.
    2. White men are no longer inmates for 8 hours in a manufacturing facility.
    3. Cell Phones make everybody accountable 24/7.
    4. Why cat call on the street if you can take $200 expendable income to a Strip Joint?

    Just more ugly old feminist whining………LOL!


  3. Matt

    I found the whole race angle boring anyway. It’s entirely believable that the most egregious catcalls are going to come from blacks or hispanics. It doesn’t mean that white men are somehow superior, just different cultural expression. Then again, for Slate which publishes 24304092 articles a day, it gave them a couple more to throw in there.

    The whole video raises two questions. One is what level of catcalling is appropriate, since short of totalitarianism one just can’t control what everyone else does. The other is what, if anything, is anyone supposed to do about any of this?



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