National Review vs. Lena Dunham

This is making the conservative blog rounds, and the left-wing outrage rounds, so it’s worth commenting on. Kevin Williamson has a new National Review cover story on Lena Dunham, the writer and actress of HBO’s Girls fame and well known (notorious?) Obama supporter. She has a new way TMI memoir out. The article is behind a paywall, but you can read the first few paragraphs. I went to the bookstore to buy the hard copy so I could read it, but they still had the Oct 20 issue. Here is a NR blog post that is free that gives a feel for where the article is coming from.

Here is an example of liberal outrage.

I take it that the main gist of the article is that vocal Democrat Dunham, who is presumably all down with the poor and downtrodden, is actually from a quite privileged background. Her father is from those Dunhams, the ones who came over on the Mayflower. (This got me thinking, “I wonder if Lena is related to Obama whose mother is a Dunham,” but a Google search produced a lot of noise.)

First of all, the conservative commenters who criticize Miss Dunham for her weight and looks are out of line. It is neither Christian nor gentlemanly to do such publically. It also sets you up for the charge of protesting too much. While Miss Dunham is not your typical Hollywood beauty, I suspects she looks at least as good if not better than the girlfriends and wives of many of the people yapping about her looks. (The manosphereites can now commence accusing me of white knighting, but read on.)

What makes Miss Dunham unappealing is not her looks but her attitude, behavior and mindset. She is an exhibitionist of sorts. She is already known for frequently appearing nude in her TV series, which she writes so she has no one to blame but herself. She made a video encouraging young people to vote for Obama where she equated voting for the first time with another first time activity. And now she is out with a reportedly all too detailed memoir. I commended gentlemanly behavior above and therefore by implication commended ladylike behavior as well, and this ain’t it.

Aside from how the popularity of Dunham in some circles and Dunham’s willingness to “expose” herself (literally and figuratively) speak to the general decline of our once civilized society, what I find interesting about this is how did Mayflower descendants largely come to embrace a philosophy of liberalism that is so hostile to the country and system that allowed them to flourish. And how did the upper crust, who were once the guardians of proper behavior, become OK with their children tatting themselves up and parading around nude on TV? Where were mom and dad to tell young Lena, “Honey, proper ladies don’t do such things”

6 thoughts on “National Review vs. Lena Dunham

  1. roho

    Pleeeeeeeease!…….Are we talking Big Dog Neocons vs NYNY Classical Liberal Israeli Firsters?

    Ha-Ha!……Like watching Germany and Japan argue over WWII War Policy?

    Smoke and Mirrors.


  2. Kirt Higdon

    This site seems to become every day more and more of an internet gossip mag, consumed with literary and other cat-fights, not to mention such momentous issues as to whether or not Mark Steyn is or is not a birther. A bit of this might be entertaining, but really who cares what National Review says about Lena Dunham or vice versa?


  3. redphillips Post author

    Kirt, we (I at least) report on intra-dissident right disputes precisely because we generally attempt to stay out of them and maintain positive relations with all sides.

    Also, I’m not sure what is unconservative about decrying cultural decline and upholding traditional Christian values which is precisely what this post does.

    What do you propose we post about?


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  5. Matt

    I never thought she was hideously ugly either. I’ll grant that she isn’t very much of a “proper lady” but then who is really harmed by it? What I think really gets the NR crowd is that she is a symbol of how conservatives have totally lost the youth.



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