Ralph Nader Video Clip on Ron and Rand Paul

Here is the video interview of Ralph Nader spoken of in the post below. He says Rand is “changing by the month” and blames Presidential ambition.

I disagree with Ralph Nader on a lot of things, but he tells it like he thinks it is unlike so many politicians and pundits these days. He has very harsh words for Hillary in here as well.

2 thoughts on “Ralph Nader Video Clip on Ron and Rand Paul

  1. roho

    Nader is right…….However, talking to the uninformed is like teaching guitar to people without fingers?…….I suspect that JEB BUSH will be the chosen LOSER of the GOP, and Rand Paul will get about as much coverage in the Primaries as his dad did? He will be the “Yakkity Sax” of the primaries while the bought and paid for mouthpieces of the GOP, (Huckabee, Palin, Fred Thompson, John McCain, Santorium, and Mitt Romney are marched out in single file to support the “MIGHTY JEB BUSH” , darling of the GOP)……….Gretta, Hanity, Rush, O’reilly, and Cavuto, will fall in line following the Corporate Policy Of Fox Newscorp, and adhere to the memo.

    And I will go fishing instead of voting?………….It’s all theatre.

    And your POTUS will be HILLARY!…….For 8 years……..Voting will change NOTHING in 2016.


  2. Christopher

    I like Ralph Nader, however when it comes to challenging Rand Paul I hesitate to jump on the Naderite clarion call. Nader swore that Obama would be challenged in the 2012 primaries in part of his continuation of Bush policies. Nader and his crew were non-existent.

    Randall Terry garnered 18% in Oklahoma against Obama. None of the above took 40% in Kentucky and Arkansas against Obama. A convict residing in a federal penitentiary captured 41% of the vote against Obama in West Virginia.




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