Ralph Nader Disses Rand Paul

Says he needs to be more like his father. Ain’t that the truth?!

Former presidential candidate Ralph Nader had some biting words about Rand Paul, saying the self-described “libertarian-ish” lawmaker is retreating from his roots as he broadens his appeal for a potential presidential bid.

“What he ought to do is go back to his father, sit on his knee and become more like Ron Paul,”

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3 thoughts on “Ralph Nader Disses Rand Paul

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  2. roho

    As I said in both 2008 & 2012, who votes the GOP?………First, let us eliminate the Dems vote:

    1. All Liberals.
    2. The entire LGBT Community.
    3. Union And Government Workers.
    4. All Single and some Married Women.
    5. All Blacks.
    6. All Hispanics, both legal and Illegal.
    7. All other minorities, be they Indians or Handicapped.
    8. And scared white and black people on SS and intittlement programs.
    9. Academia. (Including Young Educated People that hate the control that Israel has on the U.S.)


    1. 1 Percenters of Wealth.
    2. Wall Street Investors. (SAME).
    3. Old White Men that think they understand Geopolitics.(Including ZIO Christian Rapture Bunnies out of the Bible Belt.
    4. Christian Russia Haters and Brainwashed Military Personal.

    Soros will back Hillary, and Adelson will back Jeb Bush. (The Psuedo Hispanic).

    Both will manipulate the voting machines, but Hillary and the Pro Israel Machine will return.



    Sorry!………Stalin said “it’s all about who counts the votes, not who voted.”

    But, Democracy will feel “EMPOWERED” the next day, marching on, with philosophical discussions about the Frankfurt vs Austrian school?……….LOL!



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