Has Mark Steyn Gone Birther?

He’s flirting with it at least.

As an aside, this article illustrates the problem with so many articles at WND. First of all, the headline is misleading. Mark Steyn is a significant figure within conservatism, but he is not a “media star.” Also, only the first few paragraphs contain the new story. The rest is a rehash of old news. That stated, Mark Steyn toying with birtherism is an interesting development since most “mainstream conservatives” won’t touch the issue with a 10 foot pole.

For the record, since the old site archives are gone (for now) and we haven’t discussed this issue in a while, I don’t believe Obama was born in Kenya. I do think it is possible that his birth story does not match reality or he otherwise has some embarrassing details that he is attempting to hide, and I don’t think the press has done their job of actually investigating. Instead, they have shilled for the official version and been deliberately incurious when questions have been raised.

1 thought on “Has Mark Steyn Gone Birther?

  1. roho

    As an Alabamian I’m convinced that Obama has NEVER met the qualifications of the POTUS…..However, he does meet the needs of the FALL GUY of the SHADOW GOVERNMENT in charge.



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