Alex Jones in the Waking Life

Here is the Alex Jones vignette I spoke about in the thread below. Remember this is circa 2001. It is conspiratorial (them vs. us) but not specifically so (as in 9/11 was an inside job) and perhaps more easily embraced by liberals since he attacks “corporate slavery,” but these populist anti-elite themes are still there today. That is how he can be embraced by liberals like Charlie Sheen. Whatever you may think of the guy, you have to admit he has a certain talent for oratory.

4 thoughts on “Alex Jones in the Waking Life

  1. roho

    Amen Red!…………Ha-Ha!………..The truth is out there as “Scully” said?……..And I agree that “NETWORK” is as prophetic as “THEY LIVE!”……….Unfortunately, Generation X and Millinealls prefer to believe Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry. They have no interest in Voltaire, Jefferson, Benjamin Friedman, Sam Francis, or any of those DEAD PEOPLE. What do dead people know?……..Dead people died because they were stupid!……..(And we will live forever!)………Ha-Ha!

    We can no longer fix America anymore than Haiti could fix Haiti, when Napolean said “GOOD LUCK!”……and “GOOD BUY!”……..Ha-Ha!

    Once Cultural Marxism is entrenched, only Crusade type targeted change works.

    All else is a band aid for symptoms.


  2. Kudzu Bob

    Say what you will about his ideas, Alex Jones began with little more than a bullhorn and a big mouth but somehow has managed to build a media mini-empire that is far more influential than any outlet that Paleocons and Alt Rightists possess. We would be well advised to learn from him, although as far as I can tell nobody on our side seems to be interested in doing so. This puzzles me.


  3. roho

    Red……..I started to post this under MOVIES, and decided that it most likely needed to be connected to conspiracy theories?

    Once upon a time, there was an infant INTERNET. And few people understood it, explored it, but our GOVERNMENT did understand it!…….We lived in a world where MSM controlled regional and local news, therefore, not allowing people in Florida to understand what was going on in California. (Much less living in Arkansas and understanding what was going on in Nigeria?) It was a closed information system for the elite and Leviathan……….And we trusted our local affiliates?………We were clueless………..Gary Webb as a journalist not only became the first victim of truth, but died with the FIRST INTERNET STORY TO GO VIRAL!

    Is conspiracy theories a joke?……Not even…….I will go see this Movie rather than “Keepin Up With The Kardashians”…….America has changed, and this is part of it.

    “Kill The Messenger; The Gary Webb Story”



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