“Journalist” James Kirchick Attacks Richard Spencer (Again)

And in other news, a bear just…

James Kirchick has just churned out another formulaic PC hit piece against Richard Spencer. Kirchick, of Ron Paul newsletters “exposé” fame, appears to be the go-to guy for PC hit pieces. Seriously James? You went to Yale University. Is this really how you envisioned your “journalistic” career going? Writing trashy insert-a-smear hit pieces for a sensationalistic leftist website? Did you really as a little kid think, “Gee, I want to grow up and be a thought policer?” Only intellectual cowards make their main strategy against their ideological enemies calling them a “big fat poopie-head.” Here’s an idea James: actually make an argument.

Can’t you just image little Jamie on the playground? “Woo woo! I heard that! I’m telling Teacher! Teacher, teacher, Ricky just said a naughty word!” Kirchick is a glorified tattletale. How did he allow himself to become a hitman for the thought police? Isn’t he demeaned by this intellectually unserious role at least a little bit? Here’s another idea James: investigate something, report on something. You know, do what real journalists do.

5 thoughts on ““Journalist” James Kirchick Attacks Richard Spencer (Again)

  1. roho

    How funny that member leadership allowed Randy Scheunemann to exit…….LOL!……Randy S. and both Mickheil Saakashvili and James Kirchick have a lot in common. Absolute HATRED of Christian Russia. As indicated by his absolute failure and obsession of GAY RIGHTS during his RT Interview, I think that the studio executives of RT put him out on the road to walk to the airport?…..LOL! (He was invited to discuss Bradly Manning but would not shut up about Russian Gay Rights.)

    He may be gay himself, a cultural Marxist, but embraces the neocon pro Israel worldview?

    Randy S. was a board member of PNAC. (How many South Osatian and Georgians did he help get killed?) Besides, you never ruin the Christmas Party with your trivial dustups.


  2. Kirt Higdon

    I’m no fan of either Spencer or skiing, but the club certainly did the right thing in calling Scheunemann’s bluff on his attempted blackmail.


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