Within the civil liberties crowds, there was a great misunderstanding of the NSA revelations from Snowden—though NSA snooping dates back to  the 70s and nothing was really learned in terms of scope, if some insights into application, there was a general pretend this is new meme.
As the broader picture of government snooping emerged, I wrote that evidence gathered from such sweeps wouldn’t pass in court so one had to guess the primary use was economic crime. (E.g. who shorted airline stocks prior to 9/11? The FBI says it was one firm, a one off, and the documents were shredded by the SEC.)
News that NSA Chief (and liar) Keith Alexander was day trading on exotic commodities in overseas markets not simply furthers the point, but demonstrates what worthless scoundrels find themselves in high power–Hillary’s cattle future windfall being the simpler method lacking all that snooping.

1 thought on “Scammers

  1. roho

    Hawthorne…………..I weep when I have to think about this subject!

    At 61 years of age, I understood the “Roaring Twenties” of gangsters such as Al Capone and others manipulating the Capitalist System, and building a network of “Black Market” criminals that circumvented “Free Enterprise” and built their own dynasties of wealth.

    They were Frigging Amateurs compared to todays modern POLITICIAN!…….Amateurs!!!!

    With the Wall Street Bankers now deciding who will and want become wealthy, as a result of campaign donations, CRONI CAPITALISM looks like everything that the evil COMUNIST warned us about!………….Yes!…..It’s now out in the open for those that choose to look instead of wondering what “KIM KARDASIAN” is wearing!!!!!!

    Can you even imagine a citizen?
    1. Being accepted to the Us Navy with a past Cocain Conviction?
    2. Never having to attend Annapolis to become an officer?
    3. Waiting until middle age to even try this shit?
    4. And in a short time is kicked out for another failed DRUG TEST? (Did US Citizens actually have to salute this piece of shit?????)………People being killed in combat?
    5. Then he resurfaces as a CEO of some Gas Company in the Ukraine????


    Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Biden Discharged From Navy After Positive Cocain Test?

    If it don’t post just google it!………This is a sitting United States VP son!……Son!

    And they want me to believe in the US Foreign Policy on the Ukraine?……..Ha-Ha!……Ha-Ha!



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