Mama Bear Palin Needs to Get her Backsliden Cub Bristol Back to Church

Good grief! This expletive filled tirade would make a sailor blush. I guess we’ve all heard about the alleged Palin family brawl. Well this is Bristol’s side of the story.

Part of Palin’s appeal to the conservative masses was that she was a church goin’ woman. Behavior like this from her most visible child is not helping that image.

5 thoughts on “Mama Bear Palin Needs to Get her Backsliden Cub Bristol Back to Church

  1. Matt

    Maybe not, but that image was clearly phony anyway. To the extent she has encouraged this squeaky clean image, she made her bed and must lie in it.


  2. redphillips Post author

    My suspicion is that Sarah Palin’s politics generally followed her husband’s. She was a supporter of Buchanan in ’96 IIRC and had some involvement with the Alaska Independence Party. So, the more conservative than average and church going images was based on some truth, but I think it reflected Todd more than Sarah. I don’t say that because I’m sexist. I say that because it fits the facts and the general sense of the matter.


  3. roho

    I think that your right Red……….I believe Sarah was mezmorized by power when she became a Mayor of a one horse town. Saw the bigger benefits as a State Governor, and could actually smell the gold on the Presidential Campaign Trail. As for foul mouth Britney, sometimes family image goes to hell in a hand basket when emotions run high?………..Populist scare me. I laugh when I see former Senator from Tennessee, and Presidential contender “Fred Thompson” hawking some silly product on TV like a common salesman. (When’s the last time he even saw Tennessee?) Is Bristol any different than the “Kardashian” girls?……….What is her claim to fame?…….Does she have any skills?…….Losing on DWTS?

    I think everything that we think that we know about political families is smoke and mirrors.



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