New Mexico Student Sues Over PC Oppression

A female New Mexico student is suing here professor and the University of New Mexico. It was suggested she not return to a class after she wrote a paper that criticized lesbians. The judge has ruled the case can proceed. The University had sought to get the suit dismissed.

The course was called “Images of (Wo)men: From Icons to Iconoclasts.” This student should have known that such as class was going to be a PC lovefest, but let’s hope the professor and the University get what’s coming to them.

(Technically the suit and judge are wrong to invoke the 1st Amendment because the incorporation doctrine is bogus, but assuming the modern interpretation…)

1 thought on “New Mexico Student Sues Over PC Oppression

  1. roho

    I wish the student the best of luck, but even the Judge will be surprised to see the huge sums of money thrown at his challenger in his next campaign. (Cultural Marxism is well funded.)



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