Greece to Prosecute Golden Dawn

This story is of interest because the Golden Dawn model has been held out by some as something to copy. From my limited understanding, Golden Dawn is something of a hybrid between a political party and a club, or what other might describe as a gang. It do not know if the allegations of criminal activity are true, but one has to be skeptical since the charged are also viewed as guilty of thoughtcrimes in addition to alleged real crimes.

Update: Christopher provided a link in the comments to a VDARE article that contains a link to this article that explains some of the political aspects of the Golden Dawn prosecution. I was recalling some of this from memory, so this should provide some more clarity.

3 thoughts on “Greece to Prosecute Golden Dawn

  1. Christopher

    To date the murder of two Golden Dawn activists a year ago the Greek authorities have failed to identify any suspects.

    Article: Anarcho-Tyranny In Greece:Two Golden Dawn Members Murdered By Terrorists In Greece, While Police Are Persecuting Them

    Like Red I am suspicious.

    It seems that the charges include, “An extract of Dogiakos’s proposal follows, “…supporting the above views is the fact that another defendant, ILIAS PANAGIOTAROS, MP of Golden Dawn, markets and sells to members of the Organization, from his store in Kolonos, that is named “Phalanx” (Φάλαγγα) this type of wooden baseball bat…

    Yes the selling of baseball bats is now a criminal act.


  2. roho

    An attorney once told me that the “Justice System” has always been structured to make money and expand. Catching and prosecuting bad guys costs money.

    Innocent working people on the other hand, wish only to get back to their job, and will gladly give up their money. (One speeding ticket per resident per year is big revenue.)


  3. Christopher

    Euro Parliament member Giorgos Epitideios was in New York this weekend. Details and pictures from the conference and local media interviews are available below.

    I did not attend the conference, but had the opportunity to meet and speak with Epitideios at an informal dinner the day before. He was indeed a very modest, graceful and a dedicated representative.

    Golden Dawn MEP General Giorgos Epitideios Visits Astoria!

    Golden Dawn New York Conference



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