WMD Truthers

Bill Antle took the necessary time to respond to Con Inc back slapping over a report in the NY Times last week, that US soldiers were denied proper care after being exposed to chemical weapons like mustard gas.

The WMD Truthers—who, unlike 9-11 Truthers—actually got people killed—were celebrating in Con Inc spheres and it spilled into local politics at least in my neck of the woods. And by all means, go make fun of these particular Truthers.  The Big Lie from Con Inc is suggesting that somehow that the NY Times–who ran those ridiculous Judith Miller “Iraq is scay” stories on the frontpage–wasn’t in on the act at the beginning.

2 thoughts on “WMD Truthers

  1. roho

    Try to imagine trying to convince a father that his daughter is a WHORE?……..You have all of the evidence, witnesses to prove it, but he just don’t want to believe it?

    Welcome to the world of the United States 18 year old Military!……..Why do you you think more die from suicides?………………..It Sucks!



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