What’s Wrong With Conservative Talk Radio?

While I was away from my computer, I ended up pilling up tabs in my smartphone of stories I wanted to comment on. I’ll dribble them out a couple at a time.

Here is one from 14 Oct that generated some discussion. As a non-interventionist blog, we are obviously going to have an issue with most supposedly conservative talk radio hosts. But the numbers are down and most of their listeners are not non-interventionists. So what is the issue? This is likely a complicated question. I have some ideas, but this author suggests that it may be as simple as there are just too many darn commercials. The excessive volume of commercials is necessary to pay the asking price for the big national names. So are the hosts killing their own product?

4 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Conservative Talk Radio?

  1. roho

    Red!…………God!……I have waited on this post subject!

    I worked in print advertising in the mid nineties and now hate advertising!!!!!….Hate It!…..Never knew much about TV and Internet advertising, but it is Frigging Brutal!…….I’m sooooooo sick of:

    1. Sports Talk Radio has been ruined by capitalism advertising!
    2. I can’t even watch TV for some local Buick Dealer screaming, “The Sale Never Ends At Jim Burke Buick!”
    3. Flo needs to Die if all she can do is promote her damn Insurance!
    4. Arnold the frigging “PIG” don’t interest me on Insurance as well!
    5. Jewess Fat Girls bore me with Cell Phone BS!
    6. And the Internet is just as bad, trying to find a website without some crazy commercial wanting me to eat their packaged food sh#t that will actually kill me!

    I could go on and on but the bottom line is that in a failing consumerism culture, the answer to consumers saying no is “RAISE THE PRICE AND INCREASE ADVERTISING”.

    It Sucks……….”Issaic Stein” CEO of “Whatever Products And Services” increases advertising to increase sales of his worthless product in the USA.(If that don’t work, he can always hall ass to Israel!)………….They will welcome him home as a National Hero!

    The only benefit is, When a TV commercial starts, you now have a minimum of 7 minutes before it starts again?……………………..Radio is no better!


  2. brandon adamson

    I think a big part of it is that AM radio itself is kind of dying. There are too many options now. I mean why would someone listen to Rush Limbaugh when there are so many great right wing podcasts/ youtube channels etc that don’t have to go through any of the corporate PC filters. Ramzpaul, Justicar, Return Of Kings and Radio Derb type stuff is where all the action is headed. Not necessarily with those beliefs, but this is what people do now instead of listening to talk radio. Even older people are going that way. My mom is 60 and subscribes to Ramzpaul on her iphone. She listened to talkradio since the 80’s. I’m sure she still listens to it but not as much.


  3. roho

    Con talk radio has lost it’s base because the informed listener now listens and reads Press TV, RT, and other outside sources of information that show that the American MSM is nothing more than a PROPOGANDA VOICE for the USA/CIA agenda!………It’s sad but we now recognize that our NATION is lieing to us?…………..Do we gravitate towards western liberal policies?……NO!….We simply RUN from both parties and look for common thinking.



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