Straw Poll

You can go here to take the GOP straw poll.

It asks for your top three choice. Surprisingly, Ron Paul is one of the choices. And it allows write-ins. I voted Ron Paul and wrote in Chuck Baldwin and Rep. Jimmy Duncan. I figured that would send a far right message and a non-interventionist message at the same time.

The poll does require registration, so you are setting yourself up for e-mails. Determine for yourself if it is worth it. You can always opt out later.

On a side note, I have been away from computer access for a few days. Sorry for the recent lack of posts.

2 thoughts on “ Straw Poll

  1. roho

    As nothing more than an Information Gathering Ploy for the NSA, I will not be voting.

    However, Good to see you posting again Red. 😉


  2. brandon adamson

    I was going to write in Jeff Sessions, but I came to the conclusion this poll is just a way to harvest email addresses for conservatism inc. I get spammed enough by them due to lists I ended up on when volunteering for Ron Paul’s campaign in 2008.



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