Rand Paul Goes Full Pander in Ferguson, MO

This guy is not impressed by Rand Paul’s Ferguson, MO panderfest. I honestly don’t think Rand believes he is going to attract many black votes, which is the point the author is arguing. Rand is not that stupid. I think he thinks he is protecting himself from charges of racism, and to some degree making the Republican Party less toxic to blacks. He may do the second thing to some degree, but if he gets anywhere near the nomination the PC knives will come out with a furry. He has no chance of doing the third. But in the mean time he looks like a pathetic wuss. Pride and self-respect should dictate another course.

4 thoughts on “Rand Paul Goes Full Pander in Ferguson, MO

  1. roho

    Succesfull Politics today is, say nothing prior to the election, be vague during the debates, have no history of voting record, and look surprised regarding the fact that you actually stand for anything? (Not standing for anything gives the impression that you stand for everything!)

    You are all things to all stupid people!………….They love that.


  2. Christopher

    This was already posted on CHT five days ago. Interesting topic, however comments on the existing thread would seem to be ideal. Right?


  3. filmercht Post author

    I wasn’t aware that the previous Rand Paul thread referenced a specific article, although I see it did in the update.



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