Andy Nowicki has a New Blog

Andy Nowicki has a new blog provocatively titled Wanker Revolution. For reasons he explains in the first audio segment, it is going to primarily be an audio blog. He also explains what he means by the term wanker. While I get his point – I too have a problem with the amorality of the pick up artist segment of the manosphere – I’ll leave it to our readers to decide if his is a helpful term/formulation. But he is always amusing/entertaining.

BTW, has anyone read any of his fiction? I’m a bit fascinated by his ability to get his work published despite his “associations” although his latest manifesto was self-published. I’ve considered given it a try, although I read very little fiction.

6 thoughts on “Andy Nowicki has a New Blog

  1. weavercht

    I’ve never been to the manosphere.

    The ArtofManliness blog lists Theodore Roosevelt as its “saint”… Roosevelt had no issue with Japan’s pre-emptive attack on Russia. He praised it!

    That’s the only blog I’m aware of. I liked when it praised R E Lee in the past, but when it praised Teddy I knew the author was less educated than even I am.


  2. Thaddeus

    In order:

    (a) The title of the blog is idiotic and vile.
    (b) He’s going after the wrong people. He may have some weird, personal, moralistic problem with the manosphere, but from what I know of the manosphere (which is confined exclusively to occasionally visiting Chateau Heartiste), it is on our side, broadly speaking, and is an important corrective to feminist brainwashing. This is a classic case of wasted effort on Nowicki’s part, like when RamZPaul stupidly recently went after some White Nationalists for having too lowbrow a style of presentation. (Thankfully, Mr. Ramsey has since gone back to produced good videos targeting actual enemies.) Honestly — there are umpteen thousand Cultural Marxist enemies tearing down Western culture, and Nowicki is going after a group of people that are our ideological allies? Insanity.
    (c) Nowicki seems to be unable to produce anything, media wise, than amateurly filmed, rambling cellphone videos. (In this, he really could learn a lesson from RamZPaul, whose videos are technically very well done.) I doubt he’ll have much more success here.
    (d) I still remember how ridiculous it was that Alt Right basically solicited donations to have Nowicki take a vacation — seriously, a vacation — in South Africa. Talk about waste of funds no one has.

    Having said all that, I do remember Nowicki writing a few good articles for Alt Right, back when it was Spencer’s operation, and at least one great article. So he is capable of useful insight. This project, however, is not just a waste, but actively counter-productive.


  3. roho

    I was not familiar with Andy, but I did review quite a few of his vlogs at Youtube.
    He may be suffering from a dose of “Academia Overload”, needing to get out of his tiny sphere of college associations. He seems to still be in the 1st quarter of a 4 quarter battle, still identifying with the “White Man’s Burdon” of past centuries? I suspect that he would maintain moderateness all the way into his own execution. (Even though he understood the reaction of Roddy Piper’s character in John Carpenter’s “They Live”, he criticized the character’s action?) As a fence sitter, I assume that he could change many times over the next 5 years?

    He sure likes to hear himself talk.


  4. Christopher

    Same here Filmer. Every once in a while I need to take a fiction diversion. Nowiki’s books are short, concise and for the most part entertaining. His plots are dark but he is able to make you laugh especially when it comes to character dialogue.

    Not Brideshead Revisted or The Picture of Dorian Gray, two of my favorites, however I seem to always purchase his latest work. Looking forward to this non-fiction book.


  5. weavercht


    I’m concerned the “manosphere” has the potential to serve as a controlled opposition or maybe I should say controlled revolt.

    I remember “The Man Show”, how vile that was. It was perfectly fine with miscegenation.

    We have all of these movements, but only Jews are allowed to be ethnic. Everyone else chooses a flavour of cosmopolitanism. Every flavour is acceptable except tribalism. That is taboo. Anything else is fine.

    The Libertarians have some important insights, have a use. The manosphere I’m sure has some positives. Anti-racist conservatives have important insights and a use, and so forth. We can learn from and use these people, but they’re also a threat.

    My view of things is the opposite of our order today: Every flavour is fine by me so long as it’s tribal.


  6. weavercht

    We have Southerners and Americans who seem to view their ethnic heritage as classical liberalism… What about blood and soil? The proper position is to learn from every group, every ideology, while keeping the first things at heart.

    Blood is what matters most, not libertarianism or male-pride.

    We just need to be sure we’re the ones in control of our lives, that we don’t get swept into these stupid movements by people who’ve rejected tribalism though continue to yearn for it. We’re tribal, and that is what comes first, or well second after God of course.



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