Human Events’s author, Dan Gallington, Calls for Genocide

Dan Gallington is employed to write columns for various Conservative Inc outlets (e.g. Washington Times, Human Events.) He is also a member of the sinister Center for Security Policy that features occultist Paul Vallely, and the Delta Force Waco Butcher, General Boykin.

Human Events was recently sold by the Regnery family to various Con Inc investors.
It was rumored they were going to become more “moderate” in Con Inc terms.
On October 14th, Human Events published a column, asking the genocidal question, must we kill them all again? Expecting some irony from the article? None will be found here.
Dan Gallington not quite boldly proclaims:
We simply may have to kill them all

Dan Gallington, Enemy of the Week.

4 thoughts on “Human Events’s author, Dan Gallington, Calls for Genocide

  1. roho

    Who is this bitch “Daniel J. Gallington”?………A mouth piece for U.S. News And World Report?….Obviously, he is a mouth piece for the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!….(Who butters his bread?)……Most likely never served a day, and graduated from some Marxist Neocon Think Tank? He is full of shit!…….What is culture?………Do muslims have no right to their culture, just because Sissy Ass Christians have decided that they have no right to Christianity?……..That’s right!…..Sissy Ass Christians no longer are willing to fight for their religion!……..Bottom line is that THERE WAS NO SUCH THING AS TERRORISM UNTILL THE IDIOTS OF THE WORLD GAVE PALESTINE TO EUROPEAN ZIONISTS!!!!

    We should be ashamed of ourselves for chastising OTHER CULTURES for trying to save their cultures, while we piss in the floor like a puppy regarding CHRISTIANITY!


  2. weavercht

    Anyone claiming a side in a conflict is “pure good” or “pure evil” is himself preaching evil.

    Man is gray, not white or black. This good vs. bad mantra is still plaguing us over WWII.


  3. weavercht

    If we ever list our principles though: 1. Man is gray, not white or black. 2. Relatedly, “Meden Agan”: Nothing in excess.

    If we preached and repeated things like that, we might prevent men like Gallington from manipulating conservatives.



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