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Wow! This video is great. It is well done, and it hits so many of the right points. I’m not sure who is behind it, but it looks professional or at least semi professional. It has Cultural Marxism in the title, and at the beginning does an excellent job of explaining what it is. It’s eerie how what the Cultural Marxists had in mind is coming to pass. But the video touches on many of our points – taxes, spending, welfare, original intent, unsound currency, universal nation, guns and even makes a case against the standing army. This is the kind of video you could show an audience of potential converts.

Let me know if you know who is behind this.

6 thoughts on “Must Watch Video

  1. weavercht

    Update: It’s a James Jaeger Film.


    It’s unnatural for conservatives to be so ideological as to say “America is not like Europe. America is different.” I like America. I just don’t like the “difference” the narrator is highlighting. The classical liberal heritage of America is not a strength. Similarly Thatcherism is a weakness of the English.

    Conservatives tend to misunderstand Marx. Marx embraced capitalism, seeing how it would naturally lead to a revolution due to the wealth concentration and how capitalism breaks down barriers. Marx didn’t see Capitalism as a legitimate enemy. He saw it as the first step to Socialism. Capitalism is an ideal *symbolic enemy* for Socialism to present itself against. The way to defeat Marx then is to not become this envisioned enemy. If we become it, then we’re an anvil, and he’s the hammer. Socialism triumphs over capitalism, but traditional conservatism triumphs over socialism. If we take a more traditional approach that includes preserving the middle class (goal oriented as opposed to ideology oriented), then we win. This is why the newer conservatism, or Identitarianism, is stronger than the Old Right.

    The video is great on the whole, just a little “Old” in the ideology. The US is admittedly different from Europe in being so enormous, which makes it natural to devolve powers to the states.


  2. redphillips Post author

    The video looks vaguely familiar. And seems a little dated. Weyrich and Free Cogress sounded possible. Heritage didn’t due to the no standing army thing. Thanks for the positive ID.

    I disagree with you on a couple of things. First, I do think conservatives are/should be about process. That is why we support original intent. Liberals are the one who look toward ends only re. the Constitution.


  3. redphillips Post author

    Also, I think it is OK to make a distinction with Europe if you do it the right way as they did. They avoided universalism and specifically denied the US is a universal nation. But we do have a particular system we are trying to defend.


  4. weavercht

    I edited my original post. I found the author. I apparently changed the original post otherwise as well…

    Ends vs. means comment: I meant a policy or action should be enacted with a focus on what it will accomplish, not whether it’s within our classical liberal heritage.

    Pat Buchanan was rightly more “socialist” than was Reagan. Populists aren’t naturally Libertarians. Fix trade and immigration, and you can then remove the welfare state (assuming the wealth gap is reduced from those policies, which would have happened in 1990s USA).

    If we think of stereotypical Republican positions, these are ideal for a Marxist to oppose. Marxists want to oppose big business, racism, religion, war. I’d like to make it more clear that we support the average American as opposed to big business. Our other positions are correct.


  5. roho

    OMG!……OMG!……This was GOOD!

    Any person trying to sort this out must understand that PJB was FIRED from his job for telling the truth!…….The TRUTH!……..And the truth will set you free?….It was good, very good, but let us digress.

    1. Over 50% of the Citizenry now work for local, state or federal Govnt?( Who Pays for this?)
    2.”Critical Theory” Say’s family by Christian Standards Suck!”
    3. Monitized debt is inflation, and inflation is a tax. The Fed Bank has been destroyed twice in American History.
    4.The Original Security of the Nation was built around the 2nd Amendment Militia of the States! Our own Gvnt can become Despotic!
    5. Woodrow Wilson introduced “Collectivism” during WWI” (WHO influenced this?) Judges , not congress now controle America?)
    6. John Kenesian and FDR destroy the constitution .
    7. The MSM war culture is on the deal!……(Save Wall Street!)

    OMG!……….OMG!………Yes!……Somebody set fire to the leaves of the US Constitution?…….But Who?……..Who?……..How could this have happened?…….Who?

    Why Jew Judges Push Perversion

    You can’t stop fires until you know how they were started!!!!!!!!


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