Eastern Airlines Making a Comeback?

Wow. Hadn’t seen this. While I’m pretty sure it’s relation to the old Eastern is just the name, I wish them well.

My dad used to work for Eastern Airlines. The movie Wall Street is roughly based on the dismantling of Eastern by Frank Lorenzo. (Gordon Gecko = Frank Lorenzo). Eastern was broken up and sold off to non-union Continental Airlines in an effort to bust the union. My dad was a victim of Lorenzo’s shenanigans. This is one reason why I am more sympathetic to unions and collective bargaining than many conservatives and less enamored by venture capitalists who strive for efficiency and stock market returns at the expense of real people. Wikipedia says Lorenzo is now a philanthropists. Probably to assuage his guilty conscience.

Yes, unions generally support the wrong party (against their actual interests IMO), and there was likely much inefficiency built into a lot of union contracts (more in reality than by design I suspect), but there is nothing inherently un-conservative about collective bargaining, and it is likely often a wise strategy. Middle class Republican hostility to unions per se (as opposed to who they endorse) is unwise. This is something Pat Buchanan understood.

1 thought on “Eastern Airlines Making a Comeback?

  1. roho

    Amen Red!
    Americans have such short memories, and the middle class naively worshiped Ronald Reagan as the Liberals did St. Lincoln. (I just realized recently that Reagan gave Eric Holder his first Judgeship?) How many Columbia Graduates, that went on to be Harvard Graduates have damaged this Nation? As a younger person I never really understood history, when pograms and cultural changes required the mass murder of Academia?……….I’m understanding it better these days.

    Change is a two edged sword, on the one hand turning peoples lives upside down, and the blessing of living in both pre change and post change. Entering the American Industrial Economy in 1971, I saw the massive middle class, created by Unions and Collective Bargaining. I also understood that when stock holders and board members meet, scheme, and plan, it too is collective bargaining! (And when we Boomers die off, nobody will remember the past, and it will not be written for the workers.)

    Before unions, a man would show up on the job with a bottle of whisky in a brown paper bag for the Forman. (That meant that somebody would be fired that afternoon, and yesterday’s visitor would be a new employee the next day.) “Corporatocracy” will be bringing back those “good ole days.” Somewhat similar, I found this to be some sick humor.

    Saturday Night Live Celebrates The End Of The White Race.



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