We have a new URL

If you haven’t noticed (you were probably directed here from the old URL – conservativetimes.org), CHT now has new URL:  https://conservativeheritagetimesblog.wordpress.com.

There were a number of reasons for this change, some of which were the constant malware / virus problems at the old URL.  We shouldn’t have these problems now.

A few pieces of housekeeping:

(1) If you were getting email notices of our posts, you will have to re-subscribe (see the “Follow Blog By Email” tab at the bottom of the right sidebar).

(2) All of our posts will now automatically be posted to Twitter, so make sure you’re following us: @ConservTimes

(3) Over the next week or two, we should be updating our archives here with the archives from the old site, although some of the more recent posts from the old site are probably irretrievable.

9 thoughts on “We have a new URL

  1. weavercht

    There’s still a back-up from Dec 2013.

    Story: I mentioned to the email group that wordpress hadn’t been updated recently. We’d been getting an uncontrollable amount of spam, so I thought an update might alleviate the problem.

    A few days later, the site was taken down. I assume somehow updating wordpress caused malware to activate. I think that’s what was said anyway.

    I’m not sure what the security issue is that we’ve been having. It might be that wordpress is repeatedly allowed to go out-of-date, or it might be something else (site insecure somehow). Anyway moving here I assume is more secure.

    Preserving data is important. If you ever find or write something you want preserved, print it out or save it to an m-disc. I’m grateful there’s a 2013 Dec backup.

    At the same time, it’s regrettable to lose the old web address. Hopefully we keep that with a rerouting to here as is done now.


    1. SoCal Patriot

      “Scottish video”

      I linked to 2 Scottish videos before in two separate posts,but since I’m not certain which one you’re specifically thinking of,I’ll just link to both of them again:

      ” ‘Dueling Pipers’ College of Piping”

      “Ancestors” vocal by Jacquie Holland of Albannach


  2. roho

    Weaver……….You guys do a good job, while holding down full time jobs.

    Gives me an opportunity to vent my 20th century perspectives…….LOL!



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