Todd Gurley

If it’s true that the person who solicited paid autographs from Gurley is the same person who ratted him out (with video no less), then that joker needs a visit from some guy named Guido and should be eating through a straw for the rest of his miserable life. That would be the rattiest of rat fink moves, and calls for some old school justice.

5 thoughts on “Todd Gurley

  1. roho

    Red…………These things happen for a reason on the “Sports Plantation”………STUPIDITY!
    Look at Jamius Winston? Were it not for Florida State needing him, “Goofy” would most likely be in a Birmingham jail already. They all have tutors taking their tests for them, and the entity watching their backs. They are for the most part, unpaid intern/gladiators in a very lucrative industry. The coaches tell them the do’s and don’ts all the time, yet their stupid parents give them ignorant advice. Remember when Andre Smith (All American Offensive Lineman from Alabama) went home for the Christmas holidays, and his mother had 2 NFL agents sitting on the couch waiting for him?)…………Done for in College Football……..Look at how the great Herschel Walker and Bo Jackson got schemed.

    I love the SEC……But they ain’t Stanford Student Athletes.


  2. Rebel RJ


    Todd Gurley is the fool who knowingly committed a violation of the rules. I don’t see how you can have any sympathy for someone who most likely has no business attending a university in the first place. Also, his name is Todd so he is probably a huge douche.


  3. redphillips Post author

    Well, Gurley did a stupid thing and should have known better, but it’s a stupid rule. I have never been one to take very seriously the whole student athlete nonsense. We all know that’s not what college football is about. College football at the higher levels is essentially the minor leagues of the NFL. If we could start from scratch, then it would be more honest to have a minor league system for the NFL like we do for MLB, but you can’t start from scratch so what is is what is. We shouldn’t pretend otherwise.


  4. roho

    Red…………………Your almost right about a Minor League of the NFL?

    Truth is however, only the Western Division of the SEC is a Minor League of the NFL……..Ha-Ha!……..The rest are simply getting a free education and degree for playing football.

    Roll Tide!


  5. roho

    Just finished watching the Georgia vs Florida rivalry game………I have the greatest respect for Coach Mark Richt, not allowing Todd Gurley to play………..But, how sad that this “Money Hungry Jock” destroyed the Georgia season with his selfishness. A great year for UGA to challenge for the SEC title, and one little selfish player ruined it for ALL………Rules are Rules, and he chose to make up his own?……..At the most important part of the season!……Unlike “GOOFY” and Jimbo Fisher at Florida State, the World still respects UGA Football, but wishes FLORIDA STATE total destruction!

    Good luck UGA in the future.



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