Royce Gracie Joins Bellator MMA

Sorry to make the first post on the new site about Sports/MMA, but this is news worth passing on.

Bellator has been getting a lot of old UFC talent. Not sure if this is just a phenomenon like TNA getting old WWE cast offs, or if it indicates some bad blood between the old talent and the UFC. Or are these folks just trying to get paid? But there does seem to be some significance to Royce Gracie going with Bellator beyond the significance of Tito Ortiz or Rampage Jackson or whoever. It suggests that there is no sense of significant loyalty on the part of the UFC, Gracie, or both.

5 thoughts on “Royce Gracie Joins Bellator MMA

  1. Kirt Higdon

    I think Royce probably just needs the money. At his age, he’s obviously not going to fight and being a type of PR guy for Bellator may pay more than, for example, his role in Scorpion King 4. Sort of makes me think of Joe Gold selling the old Gold’s Gym, which then became a franchise and Joe started World Gym to compete with it. BTW, Rickson Gracie, Royce’s older brother and a legendary MMA fighter, has started a new jiu-jitsu federation.


  2. SoCal Patriot


    I have a couple of questions:

    1.) What happened to the rest of the archives? Will you bring them back?
    2.) What happened to the Conservative Resources pages? Will that be brought back?



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