Is Rand Paul “playing the game”?

There has been much talk about Rand Paul’s shenanigans recently:  from supporting open borders, to supporting amnesty, to often sounding like Al Sharpton, to endorsing Lindsey Graham, to, basically, sounding like the exact opposite of his father.  Now, some have said that Rand Paul has, in fact, become a full-fledged establishment Libertardian Inc. player.  Others maintain that this is mere posture and he’s just “playing the game”.  If he is just “playing the game,” to what end?  His own aggrandizement?


Radix Journal:  “Rand Paul Goes Full Retard

8 thoughts on “Is Rand Paul “playing the game”?

  1. redphillips

    He may be attempting to “play the game.” I suspect he does think a lot like his Dad. He always did when he was campaigning for him. But the problem is that he has hemmed himself in already with his rhetoric. If he gets elected to higher office, he can’t suddenly become Ron Paul Jr. after he has already work so hard to convince people that that’s not what he is.


  2. weavercht

    Rand needs to clearly come out against mass immigration to win my support.

    However, Justin Raimondo is sold on Rand, despite the politicking:

    And finally, I want to say that I’ve gotten more optimistic as I’ve gotten older, and that the pessimism of my youthful vision of a rotten system collapsing under its own weight no longer seems either desirable or imminent. What I do see as a very real possibility is a political movement in this country that will restore our old republic, dismantle the empire, and return the Constitution to its rightful place at the very center of the American system. I see that a man with the last name of Paul is now the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination and suddenly I am a teenage libertarian all over again. You know, we had a slogan back then, in the 60s, when the libertarian movement first began to organize itself. It was: “Freedom in our time.” Back then, it seemed like a distant promise. Today, it seems like a real possibility. And that is, in itself, a great victory.


  3. roho

    Options are just not that good? (As usual.)………I’m wanting to believe that Obama changed the political landscape to “Say Anything, But Get Elected First!” If this is the future of the WH, the Old Rand Paul may be inside him, and the needed changes that he must make, will only give him one term. (Andrew Jackson would be proud.)

    There is still time to see?


  4. Hawthorne

    These are questions beneath us, frankly. Even the Extreme Right of the 90s would sit down with Farahkan and discuss areas to work together on, and without the historic Black Man, we get Ebola being flown in. The question is identity and win or lose, it’s better to let Rand assume an identity that covers all of the contradictions because unlike the rest of the losers we get to choose from, we actually have some decent knowledge on the man’s family.


  5. Joel P.

    Complete sellout? No. But he is a sellout. Rand can still be useful in the fight for liberty, but he’s certainly allowed himself to be corrupted to a degree by the Washington political process.


  6. Christopher

    Jack Kemp loved to pontificate that he was a special kind of Republican because he had taken more showers with black guys than anyone in the U.S. Congress.

    If Somalia only had a constitution. Libertarian Paradise!
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