Andy Nowicki has a New Blog

Andy Nowicki has a new blog provocatively titled Wanker Revolution. For reasons he explains in the first audio segment, it is going to primarily be an audio blog. He also explains what he means by the term wanker. While I get his point – I too have a problem with the amorality of the pick up artist segment of the manosphere – I’ll leave it to our readers to decide if his is a helpful term/formulation. But he is always amusing/entertaining.

BTW, has anyone read any of his fiction? I’m a bit fascinated by his ability to get his work published despite his “associations” although his latest manifesto was self-published. I’ve considered given it a try, although I read very little fiction.

Rand Paul Goes Full Pander in Ferguson, MO

This guy is not impressed by Rand Paul’s Ferguson, MO panderfest. I honestly don’t think Rand believes he is going to attract many black votes, which is the point the author is arguing. Rand is not that stupid. I think he thinks he is protecting himself from charges of racism, and to some degree making the Republican Party less toxic to blacks. He may do the second thing to some degree, but if he gets anywhere near the nomination the PC knives will come out with a furry. He has no chance of doing the third. But in the mean time he looks like a pathetic wuss. Pride and self-respect should dictate another course.

Human Events’s author, Dan Gallington, Calls for Genocide

Dan Gallington is employed to write columns for various Conservative Inc outlets (e.g. Washington Times, Human Events.) He is also a member of the sinister Center for Security Policy that features occultist Paul Vallely, and the Delta Force Waco Butcher, General Boykin.

Human Events was recently sold by the Regnery family to various Con Inc investors.
It was rumored they were going to become more “moderate” in Con Inc terms.
On October 14th, Human Events published a column, asking the genocidal question, must we kill them all again? Expecting some irony from the article? None will be found here.
Dan Gallington not quite boldly proclaims:
We simply may have to kill them all

Dan Gallington, Enemy of the Week.

Buy Some Films of James Jaeger

Below I posted a video on Cultural Marxism, which I said was a must watch and was curious who was behind it. Thanks to the sleuthing of fellow blogger weavercht, he learned that it is a film by James Jaeger. Since I thought to myself, “This is our kind of guy,” but I didn’t recalled ever hearing of him, I did some internet searching.

First of all, he started Matrixx Productions which makes documentaries. Not all of them are necessarily up our alley, but many are as you can tell by the title list. Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul and Edwin Viera make frequent appearances in his documentaries.

But the guy seems to keep a pretty low profile, I suspect by choice. He has an IMDB entry but it contains no bio. He has a Linked In profile, and he has a Facebook page. I sent him a Facebook friend request, but I suspect he is pretty judicious about who he accepts requests from, because we only have one friend in common. Normally I have a lot of friends in common with people in our “circle.”

Anyway, I suggest buying some of his videos. It looks like a lot of them are available on YouTube, but he deserves some of our money for his efforts.

BTW, one piece of trivia I learned from his IMDB site, Edwin Viera (who I once sat at a table with at a Constitution Party event and bounced some at the time rather amateurish money questions off of) is the brother of Meredith Viera. I had no idea.

Thoughts on Season 5 of The Walking Dead Premiere

*** Warning: contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.***

Who watches The Walking Dead?

As a Georgian who grew up very near where it is filmed, I have to watch it. Georgians, for the record, are very proud of the show. But I’m sure I would watch it otherwise.

I thought the premiere was quite good, if a little predictable. Reactions from the fan base seem to be largely positive. 9.7 on IMDB. I think the “girl power” contingent is excited by the emergence of Carol as a major bada**. I was surprised that the Terminus situation resolved itself so quickly, and I thought the way they manipulated us with Glenn was a bit cheesy, but all and all it was a very satisfying premiere.

The show works best when the group is on the move rather than camped out on the farm or at the prison, so I think we are being set up for a season on the move.

Reportedly the viewing numbers were huge.


Is there one man with a spine in Raleigh?

Apparently not. In response to a federal judge’s diktat imposing same-sex “marriage,” thereby overturning the will of the people of the state, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, speaking at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on Saturday, issued this Official Grovel:

“It’s my job to enforce the constitution of North Carolina, and the constitution of the United States for that matter. My administration will be ready to execute the law, as the courts have told us to do. Some rulings go your way, some don’t, and that is the beautiful thing about our democracy.”

Yes, Pat, it’s a beautiful thing indeed. The above picture should remind folks what they’re pledging loyalty to when they parrot the Pledge of Allegiance.

Must Watch Video

Wow! This video is great. It is well done, and it hits so many of the right points. I’m not sure who is behind it, but it looks professional or at least semi professional. It has Cultural Marxism in the title, and at the beginning does an excellent job of explaining what it is. It’s eerie how what the Cultural Marxists had in mind is coming to pass. But the video touches on many of our points – taxes, spending, welfare, original intent, unsound currency, universal nation, guns and even makes a case against the standing army. This is the kind of video you could show an audience of potential converts.

Let me know if you know who is behind this.