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Men’s Health Attacked By Covens of PC Feminists

Covens… haha. That’s funny even if I do say so myself. I first put PC Feminist Brigade, but then I thought calling the feminists a brigade might encourage them.

Anyway, Men’s Health posted an article on how to get women interested in sports, written by a woman no less, and they took it down due to the howls of outrage from the feminist thought police. The author of the article is, in fact, a PhD who has written a book of female sports fans, but of course that doesn’t matter to the PC hysterics.

Here is Mediaite hyperventilating on the subject.

Here is the hysteria at Huffington Post.

Of course Men’s Health caved and removed the article. Newsflash to the outrage chorus: man and women are different. We’ve know this since the beginning of man. This is not new info. Men’s Health needs to grow a pair and put the article back up. You must stand up to the PC mindcontrollers. Giving in only encourages them.

Update: I encourage everyone to post a comment at Mediaite and HuPo. Mediaite requires Disqus and HuPo requires Facebook.

Update II: Does Huffington Post scrub comments after a certain amount of time? Because it looks like the comments are gone and you can no longer add comments.

Todd Gurley

If it’s true that the person who solicited paid autographs from Gurley is the same person who ratted him out (with video no less), then that joker needs a visit from some guy named Guido and should be eating through a straw for the rest of his miserable life. That would be the rattiest of rat fink moves, and calls for some old school justice.

Royce Gracie Joins Bellator MMA

Sorry to make the first post on the new site about Sports/MMA, but this is news worth passing on.

Bellator has been getting a lot of old UFC talent. Not sure if this is just a phenomenon like TNA getting old WWE cast offs, or if it indicates some bad blood between the old talent and the UFC. Or are these folks just trying to get paid? But there does seem to be some significance to Royce Gracie going with Bellator beyond the significance of Tito Ortiz or Rampage Jackson or whoever. It suggests that there is no sense of significant loyalty on the part of the UFC, Gracie, or both.